Guess who’s two?

PIPER!!!  I don’t have kids yet so I am allowed to be crazy about our furry kids!  That being said Piper is two today- yippee!!  We have loved every minute that she has been in our home.  I was really crazy before we got her and got to know the breeder before she was even born.  So when she was born (I practically did Cartwheels) I got to see weekly updates in the form of pictures- what could be better than tiny puppy pictures?  I still have all of those pictures, like I said I am crazy (but not super crazy like some people).  I was so excited the day that she was born and the day that we finally got to bring her home.  I will leave you with some “birthday” pictures that we took in the front yard before the sun went down.  She had a really good but busy day, aside from hurting her eye- which was an accident.  Go figure, the kid goes and gets herself hurt (noticeably hurt I might add) before Mom wants to take her birthday picture.  I don’t think that she could get any closer to real kid by doing that…

the “Mom, do I really have to do this?” look 

so pitiful and cute

2 thoughts on “Guess who’s two?

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Piper, our beautiful “grand-puppy”!! Have your mom and dad bring you over to swim sometime soon!


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