Piper at the Mayflower

The Mayflower is a retirement community in Winter Park where Jamie’s Great Aunt lives. We visit whenever we get the chance, which is not as often as we would like. However, she is a night owl, like us, so we can drop by at 10pm or sometimes later and it is not a problem. It is actually pretty funny when we go so late; we generally pass the night guard at the desk and there is no one in the halls.

Tonight, we took Piper with us to visit. The Mayflower allows for dogs to visit the residence, actually they encourage it. I felt kind of like we were sneaking in contraband, especially since it was so late when we went. But it was a great trip- Piper was good and it was nice to visit with Aunt Martha! We were able to walk there, it is about 3 miles round trip from the house, which added a mile to our usual nightly walk but it really didn’t seem much longer at all. Piper was really well behaved while we were there, other than being really nosy. Aunt Martha has a roommate so the curtain that divided the room was drawn and Piper kept wanting to check out what was on the other side. So she kept poking her head under the curtain to check things out. It was a nice addition to our walk this evening, enjoy the pictures.

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