I came home from school today and well, for lack of a better word, CRASHED!  I came in, nodded at Jamie, went directly to the bedroom and crawled into bed.  I have had a headache all day that I cannot shake and sleeping seemed like the best way to endure it.  I was out (completely out) until sometime after 8pm and after publishing this I am going to head back to bed.  I am sure that I looked something like the below pictures- out to the world.  

I have been wanting to post these pictures of Piper (but things keep coming up) and thought what better day than today.  Piper can frequently be found snoring logs on her mat.  It is really hard to get these photos because her mat is located at my feet, below the computer desk, so when I move to get the camera so does she.  So ignore the cords, enjoy the pics and sleep tight…

So delicate and lady-like

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