Now That’s Love

How can you not love this face?  EVERYDAY when I get home I am greeted by this face and wiggling body, her tail is wagging so hard that her whole body wiggles.  It’s very cute and puts a smile on my face regardless of the day that I have had. Piper is always excited to see me, regardless of how long I (or we) have left her.  She all but attacks me when I walk in the door, I mean she gives you an all out WELCOME HOME!  After we say hello (me petting and rubbing her belly) she follows me around the house while I put things away and do whatever needs to be done.  After I am finished with that and I sit at the computer to check my email or read blogs she sits on my feet- yup on my feet.  She is great company and a wonderful foot warmer.

Yup puppies are great, but she is the greatest.  Nothing can beat this love…

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