Traveling Piper Style

I haven’t gone through all of my Christmas pictures yet, so I am going to post a little out of order. I know it’s unusual for me and it makes my OCD flair up a little bit however, these pictures of Piper are so funny that I couldn’t wait to share them.

We were on our way down to Terra Ceia last Friday night, where Jamie’s family owns a house on the bay, and Piper came along for the ride. She loves to ride in the car, primarily because she knows that when she gets to go in the car there is fun to be had. While we are driving she sticks her head out of the window, takes in all of the new and interesting smells and when that gets old or the car is moving too fast she falls asleep on the back seat of the car. Man, the life of a dog!
Below are a few pictures from the ride, the last being my favorite. Even though we were going down the interstate Piper had to stick her head out of the window every few minutes, and when she did her eyelids would “flap” in the wind and her lips go crazy. It was very amusing for Jamie, me and everyone that would drive by and see her.

Crashed on the backseat with her make-shift pillow

Piper wearing her seat belt, she doesn’t travel without it :)

“Why did you disturb me?” look- I know it’s a little fuzzy but still cute in my opinion.

“Smiling” at all of the people driving by

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