New Babies

Well I have two new babies to announce… one more adorable than the other.  First and most importantly, is Leyton the most beautiful baby there is!  Nan and Jeremy were able to welcome their first son into the world Friday evening.  I have absolutely loved meeting him and being able to cuddle with him- if you ever want a night out Nan, you know the number to call.

The other baby is my photography business.  Yes, I have finally (somewhat) made it official.  After years and years of talking about it and claiming that “when I grow up, I want to be a photographer” I finally have done it- I guess I am a grown up now.  Check out my new site if you get a chance- there is a blog there too if you want something else to read.  I think that it looks great, but I am partial.  Thank you to Nan, for her wonderful graphics work and to my amazingly talent (and geeky) husband for putting it all together.

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