It has been a while

I know that it has been a while since I have blogged last, and I am sorry.  However, to sound trite we have been swamped!  We visited Jamie’s family in Raleigh, NC for the week of Thanksgiving and have been pretty busy since we got home.  Not only was there unpacking to do but a lot of catching up to do too (you know, from not doing anything for a week) not to mention getting ready for the holidays.  Thanksgiving was great, I got to photograph some beautiful homes that Jamie’s Aunt Renee has decorated and I helped her build a new website (I must say it looks pretty good- I love Mac).  We also got to spend time with the family, Aunt Renee, Uncle Taylor, Jordan (who came home from UNC for the holidays), Lauren, Lee, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Jennifer, Ellie (Jamie’s precious youngest niece- all though this won’t last long; they have another one on the way) and of course Memere (Jamie’s Grandma).  It was so much fun and really nice to be with family.  Enjoy the pictures of our trip below.

On another note, I did put all of our inside Christmas decorations up today and Jamie and I started to put up our Christmas tree, but it got too late to finish.  I will post a picture when it is done.  I must say, I love this time of year!!!!!!!!!
That’s all for now, more later…

Lauren, Lee, Jordan (Left to Right)

Jennifer, Ellie, Charlie

Ellie and Cosmo (their really cute dog)

Ellie with her turkey hat- it was too funny!!

Ellie with the best part of the meal… dessert!

One thought on “It has been a while

  1. Actually, Ellie is Jamie’s cousin, despite the 25 year span in years. Nevermind that Jamie and his Uncle Charlie are only 5 years apart!


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