One Pooped Puppy

After our walk tonight Jamie and I were planning our Calendar for the next few weeks and enjoying some Wii fun (we have a Wii Fit, my birthday present from Jamie, but that is a whole other post) and when I realized that Piper had been missing for quiet some time.  She generally stays pretty close to us while we are in the house, or at least close enough to come galloping at you when she is called.  However, tonight I called her a few times and she did not turn up- no galloping, not even a slow meander.  So, I left my calendar and “Perreault Family Secretary” position at the coffee table in search of our MIA puppy.  I found her passed out in front of the fan in the office and couldn’t resist snapping a few shots, she didn’t budge for any of it.  I suppose the excitement of all of her visitors today and her longer than usual walk was just too much for her, what a tough life.

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