Stop to smell the mountain wind…

Yesterday Jamie and I returned to Mount Edith Cavell, a gorgeous place where you can admire three brilliant glaciers all at once.  We went there the day before around 9pm, yes it is still light enough to hike at that time, to see the sights and we enjoyed it so much that we went again yesterday.  The hike to get there was not easy and my legs are sore from it, pathetic I know.  However, we took the lower road yesterday and that hike was a much easier one.

Jamie and I stood there for 2 hours each time that we went, just staring at the beauty around us.  I know that you can’t even begin to imagine these sights or the grandness of these mountains unless you have been there, especially from these photos, but trust me it was wonderful!  You are surrounded by mountains on three sides, two of which are home to three Glaciers that could swallow you whole in a minute flat.  It is peaceful, except for the occasional human voices (there weren’t any the first night that we went, a perk of night hiking) and the occasional snowfall.  A snowfall which I have affectionately called it, is much like a waterfall; it is when a large amount of snow slides off of the side of the mountain and makes a huge rumbling sound that I, being a girl, could not replicate properly.  If you want the sound effects ask Jamie, his are better, always.
This trip has been fun, animal sightings and all.  However, it takes sights like these, the ones that take your breath and your usual ability to use descriptive language away, to truly appreciate the beauty around us.  I hope that you all have a moment like this soon, and if you do not, take the time to make one.

One thought on “Stop to smell the mountain wind…

  1. Wow! What a beautiful sight. I am in awe when I see the NC mountains so I know the Rockies would blow me away! Maybe someday, I’ll see them. We enjoy your posts and pictures!


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