Rain and Snow in June

I am sorry for not updating you all sooner, however this is only the second time that Jamie and I have had Internet in while have been here, so it has been difficult to get a chance to update.  We have spent a few days in the mountains and a lot of time hanging out with my family.  Unfortunately, the weather has not been ideal the whole time that we have been here.  It has been raining off and on the whole time that we have been here, and it even snowed while we were in the mountains.  Although we have had some lucky days, where the rain has stopped just long enough for us to take in the beautiful sites and take a few pictures.

We have been to the mountains twice, went up in the Calgary Tower, went to the bird sanctuary, and like I said we have spent time with my family, having dinner and seeing the sights.  While we were out we have seen lots of deer, all kinds of birds, 3 elk, 3 coyotes, lots of chipmunks (Alvin, Theodore, and Simon), and Bighorn sheep with babies too.  I am sure that we will see more and I will continue to keep tally marks in the book I am carrying with us.
Well I should go, we are about to go to Elbow Falls and have a picnic with my Auntie Deb, Grandma, Auntie Trish, Cousin Amy, Uncle Doug, Auntie Marilyn, and Cousin Bradey.  It is a nice place to picnic and take pictures of the falls.  We plan on heading for the mountains tomorrow and spending a few days in Jasper and Banff.  Hopefully we will have Internet at the hotels and I will post some more, until then…

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