Our bags are packed, eh

Well our bags are packed and we are ready to go, aside from putting the computers in, and we are on our way to Canada!  Woohoo!  I haven’t been back to see the fam in three years and my native born Florida husband has never been  to Canada, what a shame.  It’s a good thing that he married a Canadian, I will show him some Canadian culture if it kills me.  

We will be gone for 2 weeks (to Calgary, Alberta), I am not sure that Jamie will know what to do with 2 weeks of no work, but I am sure that we/he will manage.  We will be enjoying all of the sights, hanging out with my family, hiking in the mountains, taking a ton of pictures, enjoying some Alberta Beef and good Canadian beer.  What could be better?  I will keep you posted (pun intended) on our travels, until next time… 

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