Wii have a new toy!!

On Tuesday I called the Circuit City near our house, on a whim, to see if they had a Wii. They were showing that they had them online, so I figured what the heck I’ll give them a call to see if they have any in the store. Much to my surprise they had two in stock. So after work on Tuesday I hurried down to the store, like a person with a great secret, hoping that they would still have at least one, and they did!

I called Jamie on the way home, he was still working and had a rough day back after the long weekend, what a perfect day for a surprise. I told him that I had a surprise and asked if he would like it after work or when I got home, there was about an hour difference in time. He said that he would like it now and that I should give it to him when I got home- woohoo I wouldn’t have to wait to give it to him (I am not a patient person and I was excited). So dramatically I made him close his eyes when I got home and presented his Wii to him; he didn’t jump for joy, he didn’t say “woohoo” his reaction was actually pretty lame. However, if you know my husband you know that you pretty much need to tell him to be surprised and jump for joy if you want that type of reaction, you also need to give him more than 10 minutes warning to be able to produce. Although after it sunk in that he actually was the proud owner of a wii, he made up for his initial reaction by making all kinds of goofy faces while opening the box and putting it together, also when we went to Best Buy to get another remote he kept saying “Wii” in the sings-song voice he uses when he’s excited. Yes people, the Jamie that you know and love has a sing-song voice from time to time and owning his very first gaming system warranted using it.
Well needless to say, we have spent endless hours playing on the Wii this week. It has been fun especially making the Mii’s and playing Mario Kart, those are my two favorite things to do. We even made a Mii that looks like Piper, we would be willing to share her with any of our Wii owning friends! We purchased Mario Kart on a recommendation from Nan and Jeremy who said that it would be addicting and boy where they right! We have to give ourselves time limits on how much we can play and today we made a list of things that we need to accomplish before we are allowed to play. Sad, I know but it is really fun and it can suck you in. Hopefully we will at least get some of the list finished before we give in to driving temptation.

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