A Perfect Sunday

Well, as some of you know, Jamie has been out of town all week- yuck.  But he finally got to stop working and we had an amazing Sunday!  We slept in a bit, something that we haven’t gotten to do for weeks, the sleep was much needed. When we got up we washed out Piper’s crate with the hose, it was starting to create it’s own unique perfume.  I know that this doesn’t really sound like a great and fun task, but Piper plus a hose equals pure entertainment!  Piper LOVES the hose, she chases the water like a mad puppy whenever we have it on.  It’s great and very entertaining.  She will jumping as high as her little tubby body will let her jump and bite the water as long as we let her.  I don’t understand it, but we can spray her square in the face and she begs for more.  I have attached a few pictures of our water “attack” dog.  Needless to say, she lets out a mean belch after doing this for a while, it makes her Daddy so proud.
After getting the crate and Piper clean, Jamie and I headed off to a park nearby for a picnic.  It was such a beautiful day we didn’t want to stay inside.  The bike ride was great, and lunch (Publix subs) was delicious.  We were entertained while we were eating by a group of couples that were also dining in the park. People watching is one of my favorite hobbies and we had a great time trying to narrate their conversations along with trying to figure out who was with who. To top it all off, when we were getting on to our bikes to leave we saw a woodpecker, it was too cool.
All in all it was a great day, wonderful weather, full of laughs and great company to boot… enjoy the attached pictures.

The woodpecker

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