Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)

Well, I finally finished the 7th book in the Harry Potter series, I know it took me long enough.  

Jamie tried to convince me to begin reading them when we first started dating but I picked up the first book and just couldn’t get into it, I thought it was a snooze.  About a year later Jamie picked them up to read again (he had read all but book 7 previously) and finally convinced me that if I made it through the first book I wouldn’t want to put them down.  The tiny competitive part of me took this as a challenge and well he was right, kind of.  I read book 1 through half of book 5, back to back, before getting tired of hearing about Harry.  But after a reading few books in between I was able to muster up enough excitement about his life and tales to pick it up again and I sped through the rest of book 5, 6 and 7.

I will not give away the ending, for those of you who have not read it, but I will say they are worth the time.  Listen to Jamie and get through the first book.  I had a good time talking to Jamie about the books and trying to pester the ending and truth about characters from him, although I am not sure that he enjoyed this game as much as I did.  I think that the epilogue could have been written a little better, I think Jamie described it as being “a poorly written after thought” although I am not so harsh.  Needless to say I can check this one off my list and I might even be a member of some weird club now- woohoo!

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