Quilt Block Resizing

Hello friends,

One night, I was trying very hard to do some quilt math (maths are hard) to resize a block for a mini that I was making when my amazing hubby stepped in and said “I can do that.” He created a spreadsheet for me to easily resize all the pieces needed for an individual quilt block. Feel free to use, share, and enjoy. #holdmeclosertinypieces

Happy Sewing,

Here’s the link:
Google Sheet

PS. Please keep in mind that not all blocks will resize nicely. The nature of quilting math (1/8 measurements) doesn’t always produce easily usable numbers when shrinking or expanding.

Editor’s Note: This spreadsheet is provided as-is with no warranty. Your usage of this sheet does not entitle you to have Jamie be your tech support guy. That right is reserved for Kristen ;-)