Jay meets Scott Stuart

Photo Date: February 8, 2010
Jay is 12 days old
Photo Location: Home

I’ve been friends with Scott for over 20 years. We were in each other’s wedding (less than a month apart), roomed together in college at FSU, and have countless great memories together

Scott and Jay
Scott and Jay
Scott and Jay

will guilt work??

This lovely lady has a birthday today, and this is definitely something that should not go unnoticed!

me and Anzie at Nan's wedding

However I will have to apologize for the terribly old picture… It sad but it’s true that I have not seen this dear person in person (ha) since my wedding day- insert humungo sad face here!!  Maybe I can guilt her into make a trip south…

Maybe this face will help…

This one could too…

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Anzie, miss you and love you tons!!!  Please come visit, pretty please…