one (school) years time

It truly is hard to believe that the school year is already over, it feels like just yesterday that we were meeting the teacher and having the first day! Jay had such a wonderful experience at the MSEE and we can’t wait until next year. Also, while I know that he is growing and getting bigger by the day, putting these two photos next to each other makes me want to go cry in the corner! Slow down time, please slow down…

first and last day


Summer isn’t summer without watermelon!

Luc loves watermelon, will fuss at you if you try to take his slice away (even if there is only a rind left) and can demolish a slice of watermelon with only 4 teeth!


watermelon monster


watermelon baby



summer is here

It has been pretty warm here in sunny Florida so we broke out the kiddie pool and have been having some good ol’ fashioned fun in the sun. Luc splashed with his big brothers for the first time and absolutely loved it. I am pretty sure we will spend the majority of our summer right here!
Luc's first time in the pool

getting a feel for it


splish splash

loving the pool

the fish- Charlie Tuna

so many smiles and giggles from all little boys


not sure how long they will all fit in there

splish splash

one ,two, three, GO!

so much fun


Bathing Beauty


serious about his splashing

more splashes

and more splashing