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happy 5 month old!
5 months old.  I know that this post is a month late but I like being able to look back on them and see what the boys were doing at the time so bear with me while I catch up.

Height- I am not sure since I didn’t actually measure him

Weight- 10lbs 4oz (on December 12) and 11lbs 7oz (on December 19, one week later)

Teeth- none yet

Things of Note

-Luc is moving around quite a bit now. He can roll over both ways although he isn’t in the phase where he rolls to get what he wants just yet. He is pushing up and looking around frequently and always wants to know what is going on with his brothers.

-He gave his first true laugh the day he turned 5 months old. It was a small one but a laugh none the less. He is still super smiley but he apparently saves the laughs until things are super funny.

-Sleep is sort of a sore subject (for me at least) since we aren’t getting much of it. He was doing really well and sleeping almost through the night (at least as far as a baby is concerned) but now that we have had to wake him up for feedings he has gotten used to being up and is waking 2-3 times a night. It has been hard going back from having slept more to this but I keep hoping that after he continues to gain weight that we will be on the right track and he won’t be up as much.

-Weight. His weight has gone up but we are still working on figuring out a long term plan that will work for all of us. He is such a happy little boy it has made it hard to first decide that there was a problem and then to figure out what to do about it. However, thing are improving and the doctors are pleased with the gains that he has made.

-Sitting. Luc has just recently decided that sitting is fun. He still has to sit with assistance; however, he enjoys being able to look around and check out what is going on around him. His other current favorite position is on his back since he doesn’t topple over and can still see everything that is going on around him.


-His brothers. He gives the biggest smiles for Charlie and Jay and I think they are the two that will eventually be able to get him to full on belly laugh. Their relationship with each other is really sweet to watch and I love how much they adore each other.

-Being sung to regardless of if you can sing or not. Both Jay and I aren’t really gifted in carrying a tune; however, sweet Luc doesn’t seem to mind. He is happy with whomever will sing to him and it can usually cure his fussiness if he is getting upset.

-Books. Luc has really taken to looking at the pictures in books and he loves listing to stories; whether he is being directly read to or if he is just listening along when we read to his brothers.

-Piper and Bella. Just recently Luc has taken notice of the animals around the house. He will follow them while they walk through the room and he usually gives them a smile when he sees them.


-To be honest there isn’t much that Luc doesn’t like… Really the only thing that comes to mind is being hungry. When he gets tot the “feed me now” phase (which is usually some time in the middle of the night) there is really nothing that will calm him aside from food. But really other than that he is pretty much happy all of the time.

Jay at 5 months

Charlie at 5 months

Luc 5 months

Luc 5 months old

Luc 5 months old

so happy about sitting up

Luc 5 months old

Luc 5 months old

halloween 2013

I have been meaning to post more photos and a few details of the our adorable zoo; however, time just keeps getting away from me! We were down and out for almost 3 weeks right around halloween (preschool germs are nasty) but now that we are finally on the tail end of things and naps are happening (fairly consistently) again I have had a little more “free” time- so here it is, I am sure you were holding your breath ;)

Our inspiration for this year’s costumes was this adorable book, Goodnight Gorilla, and one very sweet little boy who is (although not as much as he used to be) obsessed with keys! I had a vague idea of how I wanted the costumes to look but mostly I wanted to make sure that the boys wouldn’t sweat to death in them if we had a hot halloween. I enlisted the help of my very talented seamstress Mother-in-law to do the hoodie sewing- I really love to sew but please, oh please don’t ask me to make something that someone is going to have to wear! Exact measurements and patterns (clothing patterns specifically) are SO not my thing. However, Mimi is amazing and helped make my crazy ideas the adorable reality that they were. The long and the short of it is that we purchased a hoodie pattern and she adapted it to be sleeveless and then I added the details, mane, gorilla muscles, and a made the mouse ears too! The hardest part of it all, at least in my opinion, was getting Jay to stand still enough for me to adjust the mane and keep it out of his eyes!

Since I adore halloween photos of the kids in their costumes last year I decided to do a pre-Halloween photo shoot with all of them so I am not worried about getting photos of them in their costumes while we are running around trying to get out of the door to trick or treat. Honestly, if you have little ones I would totally recommend it, it’s been the best decision yet! I cherish the photos that I have gotten the last few years and will continue to do it until the kiddos decide otherwise. I did have to take a few more of my Gorilla and Mouse during a second photo shoot since they were still feverish and under the weather during the original shoot so if you see a little change in expression from one photo to the other, that is why.



the whole Lion

lion and gorilla with the zoo keeper

gorilla Charlie

Momma with her Mouse

the mouse

best group shot we got

Gorilla with his Keys

happy Gorilla

Charlie and Luc

happy mouse


This morning we braved the crowds to enjoy the Winter Park Christmas Parade and then we followed it up with breakfast with Santa at Jay’s school. All of it seemed pretty crazy and busy but at one point during breakfast Jay looked at me and said “Mommy, this is a really fun day.” I guess all of the crazy was worth it ;)

Thanks for everyone who enjoyed the festivities with us.

Santa and the boys 2013

Charlie was obviously much happier about seeing Santa than he was last year!

Charlie and Santa 2013