popsicles the “clean way”

Flash back to April 2013… I have recently had a few spare moments and was able to go through some older photos. These were taken before Charlie got his first haircut; look at those sweet baby curls….

We occasionally give the boys popsicles in the bath tub (when they have them). The clean up is much easier than it is at the table and as an added bonus they slide all over the tub when they eat them and giggle like crazy.

By the way, Eddy’s Real Fruit popsicles are pretty amazing especially the coconut ones. Grab some at publix when they are BOGO and you will thank me ;)

popsicles in the tub

popsicles in the tub




your brothers always taste better than your own


pucker up

sticky mess

me making

Lately Charlie has been a duplo building fool. He is constantly building tower after tower and adding “guys” to them or balancing trucks on top of the towers. His towers are pretty intricate and impressive for his age, I think he might have gotten his Daddy’s lego loving jean after all. It’s adorable to watch his little mind at work; however, I could live without the tantrums that occur when you ask him to stop “making” and come for supper or clean up and head to bed. We have had to compromise quite a bit lately and either let the tower come to the dinner table or let him take one of the guys to bed. You’ve got to pick your battles right ;)

Charlie making

Charlie making

Charlie making

bedtime compromises

happy napper with his

tired boys

Until very recently, it has been so disgustingly warm here that it has been a challenge to get outside without completely melting. However we have been going out even though it is hot (two tiny energetic people cooped up in a house all day long is a bad situation) and this is how the boys usually end up looking after any outdoor adventure- hot, sweaty and just plain tired.

tired Charlie

tired Jay

Even thought they aren’t smiling I still really like these photos.


I am not sure why I decided to photograph Charlie (and Luc as well) in the same outfit as I used for Jay’s 3 month photo shoot but I am sure glad that I did! It makes these side by side comparisons of the boys that much more fun! After looking at these photos here are my thoughts

-They all look alike; however, I think they all look very much like their own little people.

-Jay was not as small as we once thought he was.

-Charlie was always as big as we thought he was.

-Luc looks to be the longest of the boys.

-Luc is a peanut, a very happy peanut!! I mean look at those legs!

Enjoy and happy Friday to you!

comparison #1

comparison #2

This one I only have one of Jay and Luc but I included it since it shows how long Luc is in comparison to the other boys.
comparison #3

a shared big boy room

Eventually the boys, Jay and Charlie, will be sharing a room. We have tried a few times to get them to either nap or go to bed in the same room unsuccessfully. We know that it will happen eventually and we have made a big no-turning-back push this week for it to happen. Our fingers are crossed that it will work out and that they can figure things out. That being said, I did take this upcoming “move” as an excuse to change some things up in Jay’s room. Everything was finished before Luc arrived (yes I did all of the painting while 8 plus months pregnant) but I haven’t been able to post anything about it until now. Aside from painting both the room and the dresser, not much else was done and I didn’t spend much money (I only purchased the wall paint, the large J and C and blackout roller shades for the windows, everything else was just moved around from one place to another or repainted). I am pretty happy with how it turned out and LOVE that I can now take photos in there that aren’t a pain to color correct ;)

Cross your fingers for us that this arrangement eventually works…

Here’s a few of the before photos so you can see the awful wall color.
Jay's room before

Jay's rom before

Jay's room before

Here’s the after. When I took these photos I hadn’t changed the photos in the frames yet or painted the wooden frames grey- they are that way now but you will have to either visit or use your imagination to picture it;)
shared room after

Charlie's one day bed

Jay's bed with his quilt

Charlie's bed

decoration ;)