how tiny he was

I had a very hard time describing how tiny Luc was after he was born; especially to family members who lived far away. It was so hard to get any perspective from the photos that I was posting and people kept thinking that he was pretty big. He wasn’t, he still isn’t… he’s a peanut and I hope these photos of him next to my chapstick (a regular size chapstick tube) show just how tiny he was; I mean it was the same size as his arm for goodness sakes! A peanut I tell ya, just a peanut!

my Chapstick

tiny boy

Categories Luc

such a big guy

Charlie has made hard and fast work of getting rid of the toddler faze; seemingly over night he has become a little boy. He is determined to do whatever Jay is doing and usually (motor skill and verbal skill allowing) succeeds. I continuously am saying that he is trouble, because he is, and what’s really bad is all he has to do is flash a smile and I am a goner- trouble, pure trouble I tell you!

While Jay was at summer camp I decided to let him sit in Jay’s booster chair for lunch and now we are officially out of the highchair. Considering his age he does pretty well at the table and it is incredibly cute to see his tiny self poking up over the edge of the table while he eats.

I seriously can’t get enough of this kiddo and wish daily that time would just slow down a little.

Charlie at the big table

my big boy

so big

luc’s quilt

Every time I get pregnant I have grand plans to make all sorts of things for my soon to be kiddos. In reality time slips away from me and I don’t get nearly everything done that I want to. I have however managed to make a blanket for each one of the boys; Jay and Charlie’s were crocheted and Luc’s was quilted.

I picked up quilting (I am not sure that is even a true statement since I am still just playing around with the “art”) after Charlie was born so it seemed like the natural choice for Luc’s blanket, that and since I was pregnant in the summer I just couldn’t bare the thought of crocheting during the scorching heat. It’s nothing fancy, I didn’t use a pattern just made it up as I went along, but here it is in all of it’s glory. Isn’t my little quilt-display-helper in the corner cute?

Luc's quilt

a close up

patriotic parade 2013

Today at Jay’s school they had a patriotic parade, complete with festive hats, flags (for some of the classes), hand-painted shirts and then a “parade” of firetrucks and police cars. It was a crazy madehouse of an event with parents everywhere taking photos and kids looking everywhere but it was adorable beyond words and I can’t wait until the next event with MSEE. God Bless those teachers for wrangling all of those kiddos and loving them while they are away from us. Every event/experience that we have with Jay at MSEE further confirms that it is the perfect school for him (us) and right where we need to be right now.

the parade

so happy to be in the parade

waiting for the action

the weeoo- weeoo

sweet brothers watching the parade
spectator Luc

cool kid Charlie

happy parade participant

The next few are a series of group shots (on Wednesday his class has more students in it, normally there are only 13 students between the two teachers in his class) in all of their 3/4 year old glory- not looking, not smiling, crying etc and yes Jay seems to be the only kid that looked, and for the most part smiled, for all of the photos. He is such a Hambone!
group pictures

group photo

group shot

group shot

a new room for a new boy

It’s no secret that I like to decorate and change things up around our house. So after almost 4 years of living with the nursery the way it was I was ready for a change. I didn’t do anything drastic, just made some updates to things that I haven’t always loved and I spent less than $50 doing it (and most of that was used to purchase fabric etc for Luc’s quilt)!

I decorated the nursery before we had Jay and it had looked pretty much the same since; feel free to take a gander at the old nursery post here if you are interested. The fish theme was nice but I was ready for something a little lighter and I really wanted to change the window treatment. We didn’t have the toy chest below the window when I decided on black out curtains and since the panels were long and had to be behind the toys chest it was a pain to get them open and closed and I rarely opened them. Now with the fake roman shade I open them frequently to get the natural light in the room  and I LOVE it.

Here are few of the before photos, sorry they aren’t super great but you get the idea…

nursery- before

nursery- before

nursery- before

And the updates…
nursery- after

nursery- after

nursery- after

one with the roman shade closed

Here’s a few of the details in case you are interested:
Roman Shade- I used a pintrest tutorial to make the fake roman shade; although the measurements/directions were really off on the tutorial so I am not going to link to it. Basically, I took an old set of mini blinds (I got them from my Mom for free- thanks Mom!) and pulled them apart to so I just had a few of the actual metal pieces and the skeleton for the shade and the cord. I used a piece of blackout material from the original curtain panels and sewed it to the teal fabric and then glued it all together.
Window Topper- It is made out of foam core board and then covered with batting and then fabric. My mom gifted me the fabric (thanks again Mom!) and I already had the board and batting so it didn’t cost us anything.
Fabric- I used Michael Millers Backyard Baby for everything aside from the teal on the roman shade which is Moda Solids Ice. The Backyard Baby line is a little harder to find these days since it has been out for a while but I loved it so I searched until I found it. The fabric was used to make Luc’s quilt and then I used the scraps to make: a pillow cover (we already had the pillow), the bunting (I used ribbon that we already had), to cover a canvas that is hanging above the dresser and to put in the frame above the chair.
Teal Mirror- This mirror was black and originally hanging in our foyer. I used some teal paint from when we painted the house (I think it’s the same color we used in the hallways) and then hung it alongside a frame I already had and the fabric covered canvas. The frame has this adorable Katie Daisy print in it, saying “We are all Magnificent Creatures” it which I love!

fly little bird fly

My baby, my first born turned three and a half at the end of last month and headed off to school two weeks ago. I will not lie, I cried big fat Momma tears when we had meet the teacher, a little bit on parent night, in the parking lot after dropping him off in his classroom and again when he was safely in the car after the first day. Okay and maybe a few here and there throughout the week too when I dropped him off and just randomly- what can I say I am a bit of a crier. I knew that this was coming and while I am excited for everything that “school” brings my Momma’s heart just wasn’t ready yet…

Jay Bird,

To say these last few months have been easy would be an understatement. People always mention the terrible two’s but three, the threes have been tough, definitely worse than the twos. You are wild with boundless energy to match. You don’t stop, talking or going, well- ever! There are times when you are literally running circles around me trying to explain something or telling me the plans of your “new game” or just running since I think it is impossible for you sit still these days. You are trying to find your own way and asserting your independence and sometimes that comes out as just plain defiant. It’s exhausting and frequently you leave me and your Daddy staring at each other wondering what we’re ever going to do with you. But for all the wild, crazy, make your head spin moments there are equally as many sane, sweet, melt a Mommy moments too. You’re tenderhearted and imaginative, you love to dress up and make believe and are frequently coming up with new things to play. At one moment we are in our boats (cardboard boxes) sailing away on trips, at other times we are riding our horses in a race. We wear wings, crazy hats, capes and masks here and there and every time they have a different purpose or reason whether it be dancing at the ball or flying away from the hunters. I adore watching your creativity come to life in these new games, the pictures you draw and the stories you tell. Speaking of stories you still LOVE to read. We have been reading chapter books with you for close to 6 months or more now along with the picture books and you love both equally. Jack and Annie books (the Magic Tree House) are probably your favorite in the Chapter book category and I would be hard pressed to name just a few of your picture book favorites, there are so many.  I love watching you read with Daddy because I get to see you study each picture so intently while he reads; it’s like I am getting a glimpse at how you think.

You adore your brothers and frequently shower them with affection, most of the time this leads to tears but your intentions are always good. You love playing with Charlie and I can’t count the number of times that I hear you say, “Come on Charlie”, “Charlie, let’s…” etc during the day. You really are each others best friend right now and I can’t wait to see your relationship continue to grow. When it comes to Luc, we have to put limits on how many hugs, kisses, cuddles you can give him. You are frequently asking to hold him, asking where he is and trying to make him quiet when he is fussy. It’s adorable and so precious and I love to watch you help out and “take care” of him. As for Mommy I never limit the amount of kisses and cuddles I get from you; as long as you will give them I will take them. I love that you will be running circles around me one minute and the next stopping for a mid lap smooch. I love that I sometimes I find you wrapped around my legs giving the best bear hugs around. I love that out of the blue you will tell me that you love me. I love when you ask me to stay and cuddle awhile before bed; hearing about your day and talking about the things you love during these times are some of my favorite moments with you. These are the moments I live for, these are the moments that I stop and thank God for; how blessed are we to have YOU in our lives? So while I wasn’t quite ready to kick you out of the nest I know that it is time and I am so anxious to see you fly. So fly my little Jay Bird fly…

I love you,


half birthday celebrations
half birthday cake

photos from the first day of school
1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay

1st day- Jay