one week

Luc and Mommy


Monday you were a week old- just a mere 7 days- and already you have stolen my heart, actually you did that the first time they put you in my arms moments after you were born. You came into this world 20 days early and I frequently wonder how I could have waited that long to snuggle you.

Free time is short these days and sleep even less so; however, I have a few things that I want to remember from these first few days… You are tiny- you are shorter than the length of your Daddy’s forearm, my chapstick is as long as your forearm- tiny for sure. You fit so nicely into my arms and have the frog style snuggle down pat. For the most part you sleep really well, you are nice to me and your Daddy in that regard and so far you have been sleeping in the cradle with the help of Jenny (our sound machine). You eat well although you are pretty messy. Frequently, I am covered in milk after you nurse and you almost always have it all over your face. You burp really well after eating and occasionally let out one that sounds like it should have come from a much larger person. When you nurse you rub your tiny little feet on my arm, Jay used to do that too, and it is one of my favorite things. You also frequently prop your hand/arm up behind your head while eating or sleeping and every time I see you do this it reminds me so much of your Daddy, he sits/sleeps that way too. When you are snoozin’ you smile the sweetest little half smiles and while I know most babies do this too your smiles melt me every time.  You like to be warm and cuddled. When you get cold your tiny body shivers until you are covered up and held. You could probably be covered up and not snuggled and be just as happy but I have decided to use this as an excuse to hold and cuddle you; you won’t be this tiny for long. You don’t mind tummy time (yet) and seem to like the paci, at least for now. Your brothers adore you and would smother you in kisses, hugs and other random forms of affection all day long if we let them. You have taken their affection and the two of them in stride.  So far you are pretty go with the flow, a good trait for a third child, and you fit seamlessly into our little family of 5. I simply can’t imagine our lives without you and am so thankful and blessed to be your Momma.

I look forward to the road ahead, for I know it will bring wonderful things so far beyond what I can imagine.

I love you more than words can say sweet boy.


blue waters- water skiing and tubing

This year during the beach trip we were able to take advantage of a pretty amazing boat. Jamie’s dad, Pepere, belongs to a boat club which he generally uses to have fishing boats while he is in Terra Ceia; however, while we were at the beach he rented a deck boat and the family was able to do some skiing and tubing along with other boating activities.

While I would have loved to have gone skiing or tubing I decided that I didn’t actually want to have our son while were on vacation and I played the part of photographer from the boat. I kicked myself for not having our big camera (dslr) with us but I do love the photos that we did get of everyone having fun. We even were able to give the boys a turn, riding with Daddy of course, and although their faces don’t really show it they really enjoyed themselves.

The first couple of photos are Uncle Bob’s, he took some amazing photos (with his DSLR) of Josh and Jamie skiing before I grabbed our camera. Josh has been skiing for quite awhile and this was Jamie’s second shot at it.

Josh Skiing

Josh Skiing

Jay on the boat

Kristen, Jay and Charlie on the boat

Jamie Skiing

Jamie Skiing

Uncle Bob Skiing

Maggie Skiing
maggie skiing

Aunt Holly the Great
aunt holly the great

relaxed boat riders

sean and mary beth

hanging on tight

Jamie and Charlie
Jamie and Charlie in the tube

still Charlie and Jamie

Nicole and Jeremiah
Nicole and Jeremiah

Holly and Mimi
Holly and Mary Sue

Holly and Mimi

Jamie and Jay
Jamie and Jay

Jamie and Jay in the tube

Jamie and Jay

giving the thumbs up

Jamie and Jay

Uncle Mark and Maggie

blue waters- beach time

Here’s the second installment of photos- the beach. We spent almost every morning on the beach playing in the beautiful water and sand. It was glorious and these photos don’t really do it any justice.

water baby

daddy and his boys


Charlie LOVED standing in the crashing waves and almost getting knocked over.
thrilled charlie

on a few of the days Charlie took it upon himself to nap while in the ocean
sleeping Charlie

birthday sharers

Josh and Charlie

Mommy and Charlie

happy couple

uncle bob doing what he does best

uncle mark and his guys

november boys

all 5 of the coopers

aunt holly the great and her kiddos

maggie and kenny

shade from the BAT

mimi and jay making drip castles

cuddly boy, who's almost asleep again


the square hole

kite flying

even at the beach there are cars

sand play

jay waist deep in sand

fort building

more car playing

two boys in a hole

blue waters- pool time

Because of the sand and salt water I don’t take my super large camera (DSLR) with us frequently when we spend time at the beach; there is just too much that could go wrong. That being said I tote around our waterproof camera with us almost everywhere we go which results in tons of water photos. Here’s the first set of those photos from our many, many dips in the pool.

By the way, I am pretty sure that my children are half fish and I know that my husband is. I am constantly having to drag them all out of the pool…

underwater mommy and charlie

my boys

the Jay Bird fish

my fish

charlie tuna fish

submarine rides

jamie- aquaman

self portrait

being silly with Uncle Jeremiah

Mommy and Charlie

stiff stiff

Aunt Nicole and Charlie

Mimi and Jay


family photo

blue waters

A week ago we returned from a wonderful week at the beach, Anna Maria Island specifically, and while laundry and a sick kiddo have kept me from being able to post these as soon as we returned here they are for you to enjoy. While we were there I was 34 weeks pregnant, and on my last week of allowed travel per Doctor’s orders, so while I was moving a little more slowly we made the best of it and cherished our time as a family of four.

I am pretty short on words these days, I blame the tiny person inside of me along with the other two that are running around outside of me, so instead of a whole lot of commentary I will just let the photos speak for themselves and say a great time was had by all. As usual, we have a ton of photos from the week so I will break them up into a few posts so I don’t overwhelm you.

sunset and my boys

silly batgirl maggie

maggie and josh

a nice one of the happy couple

Daddy and his boys

aunt Nicole and uncle Jeremiah

before the storm rolled in

my favorite photo from the trip

Jamie with his Mom and sisters

sitting on the dock of the bay

march babies

all 9, almost 10 Perreault's

2013 Cousin Photo

Charlie Tuna

If you would like to see some of the photos from our last trip, it’s a semi-annual trip made by Jamie’s family, check out this, this, this or this post.