we decorated our tree

Last year we didn’t decorate our tree… it toppled over once (because a certain little boy pulled on the lights) before the decorations were on it so we decided to just stick with lights to be safe. This year, after a bunch of deliberation Jamie and I decided that we would decorate our tree. I like having the decorations on it and all of the memories that are coupled with them; however to be on the safe side we only hung non-breakable ornaments. It was the first time that Jay helped decorate the tree and I love that we let him help. He had such a great time looking at and hanging the ornaments and I love how there are places with clumps of ornaments because he hung them so close to each other :)

Here’s photos from the decorating and by the way he does not have to be convinced to wear the holiday headbands at all; he loves them! He did last year too…

Jay offering Daddy a chair because he told him that he couldn’t reach to put the star on

2 thoughts on “we decorated our tree

  1. I love the the fact that you haev carried on the tradition of the putting the star on the top. It brings back memories of when Kristen always put the angel on the top of our tree. The photos are awesome and so sweet! It really makes the holidays so much fun in the eyes of children.


  2. Wonderful, wonderful….to see the magic of Christmas thru Jay’s gaze and the concentration it took to put the ornament on the tree just right…and the star….may you all have a merry time! I hope we get to see how Charlie reacts to it all!!


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