pumpkin pickin’

We headed out the pumpkin patch last week with the boys to go pumpkin picking.  In the years past we have headed out to St Lukes they have a great patch and great people working it but since it isn’t close to our house and we were going before supper on a week night we decided it was best to stay a little closer to home (a good choice that was confirmed by the crying and tears from tired hungry boys on the ride home).  I fully intended on bringing home a large pumpkin to carve along with a few small ones for the kiddos to paint.  However, when we got there Jay couldn’t be bothered to pick a large pumpkin he just wanted to load and unload the small pumpkins in and out of the wagon and pull it up and down the aisles.  It definitely wasn’t worth fighting with him to pick a large one when he was perfectly happy towing the small ones around and while he did that Charlie crawled on and around any pumpkin we would sit him next to.  We ended up bringing home $2.25 in tiny pumpkins and both boys had a blast- definitely a win as far as I am concerned!

sorry for the overload of photos, I am making up for lost blogging time ;)

this is one of Charlie’s new silly faces

so this happened…

We are now the proud owners of a Sport Truck.  More commonly known as a Minivan; however, while signing our life away on the paperwork we happened to notice that the official name was a Toyota Truck (Sport Model) and that is all that I needed; there is no turning back- Sport Truck it is!!  It rolls off the tongue a little better and doesn’t make me cringe (I never, never thought I would see the day that I was driving a van) :)

The short version is that a new vehicle has been on our mind lately.  It’s no secret that we are hoping for a third kiddo at some point and there is no way that we could fit three carseats in my current Ford Escape.  Having the two boys in the back was already a tight squeeze and we knew that three just wouldn’t work.  Oh and since we have been asked- NO, we are not pregnant again, we just really didn’t want to have to rush into a decision when the time comes.   So we started looking and were hoping to get a Toyota Highlander.  We were thinking that we would be able to get away with putting Jay’s carseat in the third row of the Highlander and have Charlie and someday-baby in the second row.  However, after we took a look at them on the lot we realized that they aren’t made to have carseats in the way back (there is no LATCH system- ie a seat that is intended to host a carseat) and the storage with the third row up was next to none so we started looking at the vans.  As chance would have it they had one that fit our needs and we signed on the dotted line (lines actually- man there is a whole lot of paperwork!!)  So now we are the proud owners of a garnet 2011 Toyota Sienna- or Sport Truck if you will :)  We aren’t especially excited about the car payments we now have (both of the other cars were paid off) but we are thrilled that we found something that works for us and for what it means for the future!

We didn’t get the Sport Truck home until after the boys had already gone to bed last night so before Jamie headed to work we took Jay out to see his new ride.  He was very excited about it and he is even more excited that we have room for other people to now ride with us (it’s an 8 passenger)!

Charlie is a thumb sucker but he usually doesn’t do it unless he is going to bed… sweet boy must have still been tired this morning. So glad I caught it on camera :)

playing catch up

So here is the short (kind of) version of what’s been going on around here…

-My computer all but died while Jamie was away a few weeks ago. He was super busy with work when he got home and wasn’t able to work on it so it didn’t get taken to the Dr (aka the mac store) until a few days later. At that point they told us that we needed to change out some of the stuff that we had upgraded in it before sending it to the factory since they couldn’t guarantee that it would return with our upgrades (or even be worked on). In one last ditch attempt to get it working Jamie wiped EVERYTHING from it and reinstalled from scratch. So far this seems to be working; however I am not holding my breath. I am actually crossing my fingers for it to die before the beginning of next month- why? Because that is when the warranty is up and if it’s going to really die it needs to it before the 3rd. Say a little prayer for me that it is either completely fine or that it craps out soon, otherwise I am in deep trouble.

-Having no computer has been killer on a few different levels.

1. I haven’t been able to update the blog or edit any of the personal photos that I have been taking. Hopefully soon I can bombard you with a bunch of photos that I have taken throughout the last month- my two little guys are quite adorable these days so I have a few.

2. Since I haven’t been able to edit personal photos I also haven’t been able to edit work photos either. This is no good especially since I am headed out to photograph my 4th family this weekend. I am trying desperately to rectify this and get people their photos ASAP- I have so much to edit and so little time to do it… Don’t get me wrong at all- I LOVE that I have been able to work with some super sweet families of over the last few weeks and I can’t wait to get their stuff to them but man is it a pain do without a reliable computer! By the way, if you all know of any one local who is looking for a photographer- I still have a few spots open and would love to meet some more adorable families!

-Aside from computer troubles and photo editing backlogs my list of to-do list is getting longer before it gets shorter; especially since the holidays are approaching. I really want to tackle some of my holiday/gift projects soon but we have been trying to put the “finishing” touches on a few of the house projects that we have been working on- painting furniture, touching up baseboards, hanging photos that were taken down while we painted etc. It is all really coming together and I love everything that we have done but WOW has it been a lot. Hopefully I can post some “before and after” photos soon :) Along with house projects I have also been working on Halloween costumes (can’t wait for you to see my sweet little boys!) and planning a party for a sweet soon-to-be one year old! Yeow- sounds like a lot doesn’t it??

-Lastly and probably the biggest update we have is that a little over a week ago we made our first trip to the ER. I’ll back up and try to fill you in as best I can without writing a novel. The boys and I had been heading to the park frequently in the afternoons

1. because the weather had been SO beautiful and we didn’t want to be stuck inside and

2. So we didn’t end up killing each other in those few hours between when the boys get up from naps and when Daddy gets home.

We had gone every day for almost a week straight without any issue at all that is until Thursday. Jay was playing on this metal spinny thing that kind of resembles an elevated one person merry-go-round and when he went to get off he slipped and didn’t catch himself. He met the metal base of said spinny thing face first and didn’t really break his fall at all. Needless to say, the spiny thing won and Jay’s face/tooth/lip did not. When he fell he ended up pushing his big left front tooth all of the way up into his top gum and putting his teeth all of the way through his bottom lip. We walked home after the fall (my shirt sleeve was soaked with blood by the time we got home because I didn’t bring anything with me except a phone when we went to the park so I didn’t have anything to hold against it, thank goodness this didn’t really have to time to register with me) and thankfully Jamie got home before we did and met us in the backyard. We took Jay to the emergent care place (we left Charlie with my Mom who had been with us playing at the park) and they told us to head to the ER. After sitting in the ER for close to 5 hours — I am not placing blame just stating how long it took, they were really busy but very nice — we were sent home with an antibiotic to prevent infection and an “appointment” to have stitches put in the next day by a plastic surgeon and an appointment for a dental consult. Thankfully Jamie was able to come with me the next day to the appointment when the stitches were put in and all things considered Jay did an amazing job. I know that it hurt when they were putting the stitches in but Jamie and I had to laugh through it because while he was getting stitched up and crying (obviously) he kept saying “NO, Thank you!! NO thank you!!” over and over again. Guess we are doing something right :) He was super sweet and really well behaved the whole time we were at the ER and the following day when get his stitches put in, all of the nurses and Doctors that we worked with were singing his praises. He had to get 12 stitches put in his lip and got xrays taken to make sure the tooth (his top front tooth got pushed back up into his gum- you can’t see it at all right now) hadn’t caused permanent damage to his adult tooth or nerve. The good news is that they don’t think it hurt the permanent tooth and we are hoping that there is no nerve damage. At this point, we have already gotten the stitches taken out, he still has one more disolvable one that I can see on the inside and we are just waiting for the tooth to come back down on it’s own. I wasn’t ready to see the toothless grin this early in my Mommy career, I thought I had a few more years at least before that, but it just goes to show that nothing about this gig is predictable.

So I think that about covers the big things… we are busy, Jay got hurt but is fine now and my computer died but seems to be working… I will try to be a little more regular with the posts. Enjoy a few photos of my tough little guy and his lip- caution if you have a weak stomach the following might bother you… they are of his stitches and a few phone photos taken while we were in the ER and before he was stitched.

excitement over getting to watch cars 2 while waiting in the ER

the inside of his lip before his stitches

a little quiet time after a very long night and early morning

a few close up of the stitches taken the morning before he got them out

today I am

11 months old!  Holy cow- right?!  How can he almost be one?!  Time passes too incredibly fast these days :(

I know that I keep getting later and later when posting these monthly updates; however, at least I am getting them up and I know that my 10/15 years-from-now-self will thank me for taking the time (late or not).

Teeth-5 His smile is starting to even out which kind of makes me sad…

Things of Note-

*Sleeping- aside from a few short naps here and there (mostly due to teeth and trouble with his acid reflux) this kid is a champion sleeper, taking two naps a day and sleeping from 7:30PM-8AM (ish in the morning).

*Eating- We have had a tough time generally trying to figure out what Charlie likes to eat. However, aside from a few setbacks because of his returned acid reflux issues he pretty much will eat anything that is put in front of him. We are lucky.

*Acid Reflux- We are unfortunately still having issues with Charlie’s acid reflux.  We had thought that we were past the point of needing medication and had weaned him off of it completely; however, this last week he just hasn’t been himself and has had a cough (a common symptom with acid reflux) so we are giving the medication another go.  I certainly want him to be off of his mediation as soon as possible but I don’t have any problem using it while it is still really bothering him.

*Walking (kind of and not unassisted)- Charlie LOVES his push toys so much.  He gets a kick out of walking behind them and pushing them along.  Frequently, when he is pushing them he will stop turn around and give me a huge proud smile.  He has also taken to walking while holding on to peoples fingers and when he wants to he can really move.  Aside from that and cruising he isn’t really walking yet but I am sure it will come all too soon.

*Waving and giving Kisses- Sweet little boy has been waving for a while now (I may have forgotten it in his last update) but it is too cute not to mention.  He also gives the sweetest and wettest kisses when he is in the mood.


*Brushing his teeth- Charlie will just about bounce out of your arms from excitement when he sees his tooth brush or Jay’s for that mater.  He loves to brush his teeth (suck the toothpaste off his brush) and it is quite the ordeal to pry it out of his hands after the brushing

*Bath time- little boy still adores bath time. He can be tired and fussy but as soon as that bottom hits the tub he’s all smiles.

*Being outside- When you are walking outside Charlie will practically leap out of your arms because of excitement.  He squeals loudly and flaps his arms when you head out with him and is usually (aside from those times that he is really hungry) happy as a clam to be outside regardless of his mood two minutes prior to being outside.

*Bananas- Like I said earlier, Charlie is generally a good eater (acid issues aside) but the kiddo sure has taken a liking to bananas within the last month or so.  I can’t let him see one before I am ready for him to have it because he will refuse to eat anything else after he sees it.

*Sippy Cup with Water- for the last month or so I have been trying to get Charlie to use a sippy cup.  I tried a little while ago and he wasn’t interested at all and while he still hasn’t quite mastered it and doesn’t want it used in leu of his bottle he loves to have his own cup (I think he especially likes it because Jay has one too).

*Music- It doesn’t matter what type of music is playing or how loudly Charlie becomes a dancing fool when he hears it.  Frequently, I will notice him swaying and dancing and have to stop and listen to find where the music is coming from- sometimes it’s from a toy in another room, sometimes its a phone ringing in the next room.

*Push Toys- Kiddo likes to walk so this is pretty much a no brainer.  He loves walking behind the toy push toys that we have; however, he hasn’t mastered turing yet and still gets super frustrated when he runs into things and can’t keep going.


*Being hungry- this is nothing new, little guy likes to eat- enough said.

*Not getting his own way- Charlie is such a little stinker.  He’s cute and mostly happy with anything at any point however, he has opinions and strong ones at that.  If he doesn’t like what is going on, not being picked up etc he will be sure to let you know LOUDLY!

*Sitting still- This little guy has far too many things to do to sit still for long and does not like when you try to make him… diaper changes are increasingly difficult!

Sorry the photos are limited… like I said sitting still is not high on the priority list these days.


stopping to look at his brother


My head is spinning from everything that has been going on lately. I promise I will catch you all up soon when my computer returns to me- it has been on the fritz now going on two weeks. I am hoping we are on the home stretch and that it will be back in my hands and in working order soon; it had to be shipped to the the chief Mac doctor (Mac headquarters) and I don’t know when it will be back- sad face…

I will try to “steal” a few minutes on Jamie’s machine to post a little bit about my sweet 11 month old (yup you read that correctly 11 months old- yeow!); however I will make no promises ;)

Until then or shall I say, until next time here’s a few phone photos of us literally spinning- the boys love it ;)

notice the teeth below, they are coming in quickly now…

notice the gap and missing tooth below, yup we are down one tooth here- details later…

serious house projects

Jamie and I have had some serious house projects going on lately. Within the last 6 months we have re-painted every room in the house with the exception of the bedrooms and the kitchen and along with that we have polished, sealed and waxed the terazzo floors in the office (which was a HUGE job and mostly done by Jamie), purchased and updated (are updating) some second hand furniture for the family room, hung new window toppers in some of the rooms among many, many others things. I am excited to be able to show some before and after photos soon; however, we have a few more things to finish before it’s ready for “after” photos. Until then enjoy these few of the kiddos using our bookshelves (which until yesterday afternoon were in the middle of our family room) as tunnels. They loved the new family room addition and I am glad to have survived it ;)

it wasn’t as high as mr dramatic makes it seem, besides he got there all on his own