today I am…

8 months old!!

The last month has produced SO many changes for our little Charlie. It really has felt like I blinked and lost my little baby. He is growing and changing before my eyes and learning something new everyday- it’s so wonderful and amazing to watch!

Height- 25.5 inches (Jay is on a measuring kick theses days so I actually remembered to get his height this month.
Teeth- none yet although I am still hopeful they will come soon (Jay had 6 at this point)

Things of Note-
*Crawling- He is fully on the move now! He has been crawling for about a month now; however with each day he is picking up speed and he is starting to follow people from room to room. Pretty soon I will need to go ahead get the baby gates out again.
*Puling up- Charlie started pulling up to his knees at the beginning of this month and would occasionally pull up to his feet if he was pulling up on someone. But just the other day he pulled up on the couch to get one of Jay’s cars. Needless to say this didn’t thrill Jay Bird and I see many a discussion regarding sharing of cars in my future.
*Eating- Eating has been really hit or miss with Charlie to be honest. A lot of his problems have stemmed from his acid reflux- we haven’t been able to give him all of the foods that Jay ate without any issues and on top of the reflux he doesn’t have teeth yet so our options are more limited. His favorite is by far still carrots (and not homemade puréed carrots, the jarred ones) but he will eat butternut squash, sweet potatoes, sweet peas (although they aren’t his favorite) and I still haven’t had much luck on puréed fruits yet. Although he did eat a little bit of peaches today and he still loves frozen bananas (won’t eat them fresh, they have to be frozen). He does love pretty much anything that he can feed himself- I think he has seen us all eat so much that he just wants to do it himself. As for finger foods he has tried (and likes) cheerios (a staple around here), zucchini bread, puffs, veggie straws, pancakes, grilled cheese, french toast and cherries.
*Carseat- we moved Charlie to his big boy carseat this past weekend (he had outgrown his old one) and the infant carseat is packed away and ready for the next little one.
*Talking- Charlie has been talking up a storm lately. Honestly, between Jay and Charlie it is hard to get a word in edgewise. Frequently Jamie and I have to yell at each other to be heard over the two of them. Usually his babbles consist of “Da, da, da, da” and “Nu, nu, nu, nu” but from time to time I am rewarded with a “Ma, ma, ma, ma”- sweet music to my ears ;)
*Silly faces- he is so expressive and makes the silliest faces these days. He frequently scrunches up his nose and furrows his brow along other things. I think they are adorable, although it doesn’t always come across that way in photos.

*Jay- Jay can make Charlie smile and laugh like no one else can. Charlie will start flapping his arms when he sees him and he squeals when they play. It’s so sweet to watch.
*People- this little one likes to watch people and to be around people. On a daily basis he is usually pleased as punch as long as someone is with him; he doesn’t like being left alone in a room. He will cry if he can’t see someone and now that he crawls he will go and find someone. Also, when he is in public he will smile and coo at the people who stop to talk to him, or just the people that walk by. This is such a change from introverted Jay Bird.
*Water- whether in the form of pool (front yard or big pool), ocean or bath he loves it all. He will splash, splash until his heart’s content and smile the whole time doing it.
*Cell Phones- the child is fascinated with all things electronic and especially cell phones. They are near impossible to hide from him and he will crawl just about anywhere to get them.
*Cars- He really likes Jay’s cars. He will crawl across the room to get one and this doesn’t always make Jay very happy. The current rule is that if Jay takes something that Charlie has, that he has to give him something in return. I know that this rule will soon have to change- I see many a fight over car sharing in our future… :(
*Music Table- Charlie likes singing, music from the stereo, etc. and he likes pulling up on things these days so the fact that he likes the music table is a no brainer to me.
*Cups- aside from the above mentioned music table and cars Charlie’s favorite toy has to be cups. The stacking cups intended for baby play or just some regular ole plastic ones from the cupboard, he’s not picky and he loves them all. He will suck on them, bang them on the floor, push them so the roll away from him and then crawl after them. You name it he does it and he loves them so.

*Being hungry- This little boy gets down right hangry (angry when he is hungry)!! He can go from happy boy to screaming his full head off in a matter of minutes when he decides he’s hungry. It took me a while to figure out that he was hungry, I would mistake it for being tired or grumpy, but thankfully I can usually recognize it now and fix the problem.

Overall Charlie is the happiest little baby that I have every known. There is not much that upsets him and he is usually happy just being! I am sure that there is other things that I could share but nothing is popping to mind so enjoy the photos- playing keep away with the blocks is much harder than it may seem.

2 thoughts on “today I am…

  1. He does make the cutest, silly faces!! He is such a happy, easy going baby! Love all the details about him in your blog!


  2. He does make the cutest, silly faces!! He is such a happy, easy going baby! Love all the details about him in your blog! I love pulling up the 8 month old blog about Jay Bird and comparing their pictures, likes and dislikes! You’re keeping great records that will be so fun to look back on when they are grown :)


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