I was on a roll for awhile getting lots of things posted; however I think we are in the midst of teething right now.  Which means that my normally super happy little one has been a little more needy lately and on top of that hasn’t taken a good afternoon nap (which is when I am productive ) in a good week or so… So while I have tons to share I don’t have a lot of time to post.  Will be back when I can ;)

creative leftovers…

*Note- if you really aren’t interested in food and are here to see cute photos of our kiddos this is not the post for you.  Feel free to skip this one- really this is just a way for me to brag share how creative I was with our fridge contents ;)  Oh and by the way I am no chef or food blogger so these aren’t really recipes below- however, if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them…

After the shrimp boil we had a fair amount of food left over- a bunch of cooked potatoes, cooked corn, fresh corn, sausage and cooked shrimp.  In order for it not to go to waste and for me (Jamie couldn’t care less if we ate anything different from day to day) to not get sick of eating the same thing every night 5 days in a row I got creative with our leftovers and this is what I came up with-

Grilled Sausages- Jamie grilled the sausages and sautéed a few of the leftover mushrooms to top them.  I served this with baked oven fries– we used the cooked potatoes for this and they were delicious!!  The boil spices gave the oven fries a little extra kick!

Shrimp Tacos- this was a wing-it recipe… I stuffed our tortillas with shrimp that I chopped into bite sized pieces and then topped that with Avocado Slaw (or at least that is what I am going to call it)

avocado slaw-

1/2 Chopped Purple Cabbage

2 tbsp fresh Lime Juice

1 avocado pitted and chopped

salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all together and put it in tacos and top it with your favorite protein (we have used fried eggs, black beans and shrimp so far- all of which have been really good)

Shepherds Pie-

I caramelized one of our leftover onions, added that to cooked ground beef, threw in some cooked corn (cut from the husk), carrots from our co-op bounty that week, a can of tomato soup and topped it with mashed potatoes that I made from the leftover shrimp boil potatoes.  The spices in the already cooked corn and potatoes added some zing to the pie and it was really yummy.

Thai Peanut Shrimp Pizza-

I chopped the last of the cooked shrimp, some green onion, purple cabbage and peanuts and then threw it all of a top of a pizza dough covered with a homemade thai peanut sauce (again a wing-it ‘recipe’) and swiss cheese.  This was really tasty and we had enough for leftover pizza another night.

Hamburgers with charred (leftover) onions served with smashed potoes– a Pioneer Women recipe that is fantastic and a great use of already cooked potatoes.

I also plan to make red beans and rice with the last of the leftover sausage but that won’t be right away.  Not sure I spent much less on our groceries this week but we sure didn’t let anything go to waste, so I consider that a win ;)


summer has arrived

Aside from the 90 degree weather, another sure fire sign that summer is upon us is watermelon.  I ate so much of it the summer I was pregnant with Jay that I haven’t wanted much of it the last two summers however I seem to have finally gotten my taste for it back.I have grabbed some the last few times that I was at publix and we even scored a huge one for just $3 when we were at the blackberry patch (yay!!) so we have been enjoying it out in the front after supper.  I mean what could be a better end to the day then a super sticky kiddo covered in watermelon juice?

Charlie wanted a taste too…

So we gave him one ;)

berry delicious

Over the weekend we packed up the boys and headed to Pappy’s Patch, the place where we have picked strawberries this year and last, to take advantage of their last picking weekend.  The strawberries were few and far between (the season is way past); however, our mission was blueberries.  Sadly, not long after we arrived we realized that the blueberries were also pretty picked over.  We did our best to get what we could, and we did get some delicious blueberries, but we were a little disappointed with our pickings.  That was until a group of ladies suggested we check out the pick your own blackberry farm just down the road.  I was sold at the word black… so we packed up the boys and headed off.

Man am I SO glad that we did!!  The berries were/are delicious, they were super easy to pick (the bushes were thornless- AMAZING) and I found it much easier to do with Jay than strawberry or blueberry picking.  The way the blackberry bushes grow make it easy for little ones to pick and the farm was set apart from the parking lot so I felt better about Jay just running around on his own.

We have been eating the berries by the handfuls every day since picking them but still have a whole bunch left so I am looking at either of these two recipes… probably both and if we still have some leftover then maybe some jam- we’ll see!

Blackberry Fool or Honey Yogurt Pops

Rows and rows of bushes with my sweet trio of guys down at the end


Our visit with the doctor went really well today- they said that Charlie looks great, is growing on track and even recommended a little something to mix with his pear juice to help with his ‘output’ issue.  That last bit might be TMI but it’s super exciting news for us!

Here’s the stats and a few photos I took a couple days ago- love my super smily little guy!

Height- 25.5 inches (25%)

Weight- 17lbs 7oz (50%)

Head- 17 3/4 (75%)

He’s watching Jay in this photo… love how they adore each other ;)

and one of both my boys just because it makes me smile…

today I am…

6 months old!!

One word for that…

I find that the time is flying by kind of like it did when I was pregnant with Charlie… One moment we were announcing that a second little one was on the way and then after blinking I was in the hospital holding my sweet little boy.  These days I frequently find myself looking at him and catching glimpses of his personality and wondering when he got so big.  He truly is the sweetest, happiest little guy around. He has a sense of peace about him that I envy; he sits back and takes it all in with such joy, amazement and smiles- oh boy does he smile…

Stats-  we are headed to the Doctor tomorrow and I will be back to post his stats after we see what they are ;)

Teeth- none as of yet although, he’s working on them and we have he occasional cranky-pants and drool to prove it!

Things of Note-

*Charlie has been sitting up for almost a month now.  Just after turning 5 months old he began tripoding really well and since then he has been sitting pretty well on his own.  Right now he sits for long periods of time on his own and rarely falls; however, when he does he just rolls to his side or tummy and plays that was for a while.

*Mobility is coming- as of right now he rolls to get whatever he wants.  It doesn’t always work in his favor (he has no direction control); however, he is usually content wherever he ends up and with whatever toys ends up closest to him.  He is also starting to scoot a little when he is sitting up.  He has to be on a slick surface to do this but it’s still movement so I count it.

*Foods-  Little boy can eat and has been able to from day one.  We have been trying solid foods for about a month now, we started feeding them to him to hopefully help with his acid reflux (the theory is that heavy food in their tummy helps keep him from spitting up milk).  The food has helped to keep things down- less spit up- but since he rejects prunes (too acidic), peaches or pears, it has also helped to keep things in.  So with one solution we have created another problem and we are working on fixing that right now.  His favorites so far are peas and sweet potatoes and he really won’t eat any of the fruits that I have tried to give him other than pears with blueberries- honestly, if he didn’t look so much like me I would swear he wasn’t my kid because of how much he hates the fruit!

*Thumb Sucker-  sweet boy loves his thumb.  He will take a Paci every once in a while however he only uses it as a teether. But that thumb, oh he has a thing for his thumb… and the way his pointer finger wraps around his little nose when he sucks on it just melts my heart.

*Sleeping has been going well and continues to go well.  He sleeps for the most part from 8 or 8:30 every night until 7 or 7:30 and when he wakes up in the morning he usually plays quietly in the crib.  Frequently I will go and get him and find him playing with his blankets or his ugly doll (adorable stuffed toy given to him by his godfather Michael), pleased as punch to just be there.

*Pretty much everything within Charlie’s reach these days is fair game- be it toy, blanket, duplo (Jay’s), car (Jay’s), bowl of salad, drink, phone… you get the picture.  If he can reach it, it’s his and it will go in his mouth.  The phone is a favorite but I think it might be because we use them so frequently… sad to admit… :(

*He is camera shy.  If there is such a thing in a photographer’s house, this little boy is somewhat camera shy.  He clams up and stops talking, cooing, smiling etc whenever he sees the camera or the phone out.  It makes it a challenge to capture just how smiley this little one is; however, I have gotten pretty good at shooting from the hip so he won’t see them camera.

*His relationship with Jay is growing by the minute and is probably my favorite thing lately.  He adores Jay, watching him, smiling and belly laughing at the things he does.  Jay is just as enamored with Charlie as Charlie is with him.  He is always asking where he is (if he’s not around- usually when he is napping), is immediately concerned if he is crying, talks about him all of the time and shares things with him too.  Having two this close together is tough on even a good day but seeing their relationship grow the way it has been makes it all the worth while.


*WATER!!  He loves bath time especially if he gets a few minutes in the tub all to himself to splash around.  He does enjoy the bath with company as well, it’s just that he gets to do a little more kicking when it’s only just him in there.  The few times that we have taken him in the pool he has been all ear to ear smiles!  He loves to splash and spin around!

*He likes to be tickled and when you love on him.  Frequently throughout the day I will get his neck and or his belly and he laughs and laughs.

*He likes when we sing songs and read nursery rhymes.  He will sit through a few toddler books when I am reading to Jay but he prefers the nursery rhymes and rhythmic stories over the others.  Some favorites right now are Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb and a book full of Mother Goose rhymes.

*Watching Piper and Bella.  From as early as I can remember he has enjoyed watching Jay, he’s kind of hard to miss these days, but lately he has really taken a liking to the animals.  He loves playing with Piper’s fur and feet and he watches both Piper and Bella whenever they are around.

*Being outside- Charlie loves to play outside.  We frequently take a blanket outside and sit under the shade to play.  It’s a very nice change to being inside all of the time; however, I am not looking forward to the summer when it is even hotter outside than it is now.


*Honestly, I am at a loss for what to put here… other than the completely normal dislikes of any other tiny human- being tired, being in one place for more than 30 minutes, not being able to poop- he is pretty much a breeze.  We are lucky and I know it ;)

Here’s a few from our photo shoot… I took a few in front of our chalkboard wall in addition to the blocks and I LOVE them- it was so hard to narrow it down to even this many!

this one makes him look bigger he is, or at least that is my opinion…

and yes he will probably hate me for the next few but I took similar pictures of Jay so he’ll have company ;)

I pretty much adore this one, sweet chunk of love…


I am counting my blessings and cherishing each and every hug, kiss and ounce of sugar I am getting from my sweet little boys today.

Because even though some days and moments are rough, we are happy healthy and together and therefore so richly blessed.



It’s taken me a while to be able to write this, I still tear up whenever Jay asks where Dolce is and I am just now getting used to the new quiet of our house without Dolce; it was a hard and unexpected goodbye.  It’s no secret that I am not a kitty person… I never have been… however, this guy had a way with people and although we had a love/hate relationship he was nothing but sweet just as his name implies…

thank you Dolce for being patient with me while I learned kitty…  thank you for understanding when I jumped in the beginning every time you jumped to sit behind me on the couch… thank you for forgiving me when I got mad at you for things that were out of your control… thank you for not holding it against me when I kicked you out of the bedroom after marrying your Daddy- I know that the couch was not nearly as great as the bed you once got to share… thank you for every early morning wake up call you gave us- occasionally you saved us from being too terribly late for work… thank you for your amusing taste buds: carrot muffins and ramen noodles- really?… thank you for not holding it against me for bringing a d-o-g into your home… thank you for learning to love her, tolerating her puppy phase and becoming her friend- she loved playing with you and misses you… thank you for all of the hours you sat with me while I was pregnant with Jay- although my lap was shrinking by the minute you always made room for yourself there… thank you for accepting and loving the tiny humans that we kept bringing home from the hospital with us… thank you for letting Jay crawl all over you and love all over you despite him not being so gentle… thank your for all time you spent and the laughs you gave us… thank you for all the love you gave us… you are missed, sweet kitty, you are missed…

a few of my favorites of him…