One of the perks of Jamie working from home is that we get to have lunch with Grandpa when he does.  We all look forward to it- Piper nearly knocks over everyone in her path once she sees us getting ready for lunch (putting the place-mats out and getting a towel for her to have her kong treat on) and Jay bounds around the house saying “Grandpa, Grandpa” in a sweet sing-songy voice when he sees him pull up or hears the front gate open announcing his arrival.  I know it’s only a little bit before Charlie joins in on the Grandpa’s-here-dance too because he loves every bit of our visits as much as the rest of us.  I am so glad that I was able to grab a few photos from the highlight of our week; Charlie shared some adorable smiles and the few that I got of Grandpa reading to Jay (which is probably Jay’s favorite part of our lunch routine) make my heart smile.  Enjoy the photos and enjoy the next few days of your weekend ;)

mama said

there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this my mama said…

These photos were from a while back, we haven’t used the highchair in quite some time, but in hindsight his little dramatic- self cracks me up every time!!

Happy Monday to you!

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happy earth day!

About a month ago Jamie tackled a large project from our to-do list- moving the second (and last) of our raised gardens.  We put in the garden a while back, originally placing it on the North side of our backyard, and while things grew there and did moderately well it was apparent that in order for it to thrive it needed to be moved so it could get more sun light.

He was able to wrangle some “help” to move it; although, our help mostly enjoyed wheel barrow rides and relocating the dirt that was being put back into the garden rather than anything actually productive. I guess you get what you pay for ;) It was no small feat but it is done now and we are so happy that we moved it- things are starting to look wonderful!  Our black thumbs are getting greener and we are learning as we go… looking forward to enjoying some of our bounty soon ;)

Charlie and I supervised ;)

Happy Earth Day to you!!

Thank you

Just a quick note to say “Thank You” to our vets at Tuskawilla Oaks Animal Hospital and the veterinary specialists at AVS for helping us provide Dolce with the care he needed to live 6 more months with us. We wish his time hadn’t been cut so short, but we are thankful for the time that we had. (Except for the first few weeks of recovery, you wouldn’t have known that he had been through major surgery.) The compassion shown by both offices is very much appreciated.

Dolce cared for us long before we had to care for him. When Kristen was pregnant with Jay (August 2009), Dolce made sure she took it easy and stayed warm

And later, when both Jamie and Jay were sick (June 2011), Dolce was there to make sure we got better

When Dolce returned from the Vet (September 2011), he had a little sweater on to hold a feeding tube in place, but he still wanted to be where everyone was, a part of the action

And even though he wasn’t back to 100% himself, he kept Jay company when Jay wasn’t feeling well, cuddling up next to him while Jay watched a movie

Curious Dolce

Over the past couple weeks, we have been looking through our old pictures, remembering Dolce. We hope you enjoy this and a few currently-under-development posts that will appear over the next few weeks. As Dolce was one of our original “kids”, we have plenty of photos by which to remember him.

Like all good cats, Dolce was very curious. He participated in numerous furniture assembly projects and new-purchase unboxings. Always wanting to be where the action was, he was an integral part of our lives through all events, large and small.

This "pet series" machine was overwhelmed by the amount of hair that our house contains
Dolce never missed an opportunity to try out new furniture, especially if it contained cubbies (boxes)
Helping Jamie assemble new furniture
Trying out the new furniture. This became a favorite spot for Dolce
Jamie assembling a dresser, with his helpers
Dolce was usually on top of any new box, but was content to yield his normal spot to Jay as needed
He just had to be a part of any event


today I am…

Stats- (let’s face it, I really should only put stats on the posts that we go to the doctor for since I can’t seem to get my act together enough to get them at home)

Weight- Honestly, we really need to get our scale fixed because otherwise I have no idea how much this chunk of love weighs… I will try to do that soon I promise.


Teeth- Still none, although he is working on that

Things of note-

*Sleeping- He has been in his own room for about a month now (maybe more) and generally sleeps through the night.  We did have him on his back for the first little while he was in there and bless his little heart he just couldn’t sleep that way.  I am pretty sure it bothers his acid reflux so now that I have flipped him to his tummy (like he sleeps for his naps) he is doing much better and sleeping more soundly.

*Acid Reflux- We are still battling the acid reflux with Charlie Man.  Unfortunately, within the last week or so it has really been bothering him and he has been spiting up more than usual.  We do have a new medication that we are going to try with him (it is possible that he out grew his last dosage or it doesn’t affect him as well anymore) and we have started giving him a little rice cereal last weekend in hopes of helping the food stay down a bit better.  I found a lot of info after researching alternative treatments that a little bit of solid food in the tummy with help ground the food.

*He is grabbing at everything these days.  Nothing within an arms reach is really safe anymore-it’s all fair game!  Oh and anything he actually does get his little hands on goes straight into his mouth.

*Teeth- While he still doesn’t actually have any his gums are really tough and man is he chewing on things something fierce!  Whether it be paci, hands, toys or other random objects they usually go straight to his mouth.

*Food- we have been giving him a tiny bit of Rice Cereal every day for a little bit now.  And while he is still exclusively breast feed outside of this he is getting one bowl (about a tablespoon) of cereal a day.

*Paci vs. Thumb- he is shall we say ambi-suckstress.  He slightly prefers his thumb to a paci; however, he is pretty content to use a paci if it is there and given to him.  Within the last week or so he will do anything to get the paci into his mouth if he sees it in the crib and to his credit he gets it in a good percentage of the time.

*Talking-  He talks frequently and to many people.  It is really adorable to watch since he is already so animated when he speaks- he laughs and giggles throughout the whole conversation.


*Being woken up by the bird.  Frequently Charlie wakes up when I am in the middle of doing something (dishes etc) so in the time it takes for me to come to a stopping point Jay has gone into his room to check on him and crawled into the crib with him.  I know that I should be mad at Jay for doing this and stop it; however, Charlie really loves to be woken up this way.  He smiles, coos and watches his brother the whole time they are in the crib together.

*Jay Bird-  Their relationship is a post all in itself.  But man-o-man do these boys adore each other.  Jay is always checking up on him, wanting to know how Charlie is and helping in whatever way he can with anything Charlie.  Charlie on the other hand watches Jay’s every move, looks up to him already- you can already see the admiration that he has for him and Jay is the one person that he without fail will reward with his full on belly laughs.  The moments between the two of them make all the crazy that is having two very young kiddos so, so worth it.

*His feet- he can’t get enough of them right now and is frequently grabbing on them and chewing on them as well.

*Rolling over- He has been able to roll for the last month however, he has really gotten good at this within the last two weeks or so.  If you put him down, over he flips without fail.  Also, he can flip from his tummy to his back now too- which ticks him off it he does this when he is in the crib and just waking up (again, I think it is an acid reflux thing).

*Being Outside- this is nothing new for any of my guys really- they are all happiest when they are outside.  A week or so ago I put a blanket down in the grass and Charlie loved it- his little toes danced around in the grass and he giggled the whole time (I can’t wait to post the photos I got of him during this- SO cute!)

*Sitting Up- the boy loves it!  Honestly, it is probably his favorite position to be in these days.  Lying down bothers his tummy and he doesn’t get much freedom to move when he is being held.  Sitting however allows him to see most everything that is going on around and to play!  He can sit up on his own for a good bit without assistance however if he has the assistance (a boppy pillow or someone’s legs around him he can go for much longer.

*The exersaucer- It’s almost as good as sitting up AND it has toys attached, enough said :)

*Nursery Rhymes and Songs from Mommy- he’s still a fan and they usually make him smile.  Singing to him is my go-to mood changer if I have a sad/fussy little boy on my hands.

*Books- the amount of time that I have available to read to Charlie is far less than I had with Jay.  However, he is frequently included while we read with Jay and he can make it through 3-4 shortish books or 1 longer one  before getting to antsy.  Lately, he has also really taken notice  (and in my opinion enjoyed) looking at the illustrations that accompany the books we read.  This is a big for us- we LOVE how much Jay Bird likes to read and we hope that Charlie will be the same way too.


*Loud noises- In particular when his brother yells really loudly and more specifically when he yells really loudly in his face.  It startles him and he starts screaming.  Not fun and not especially easy to explain to the Bird.

friday from the phone

just a peak at our Friday cause I have it ;)

what I came in to find after walking Daddy out to the car in the morning… when I asked Jay what he was doing he mater of factly told me that he was watching baby Charlie (Charlie was in his bouncer on the floor in the kitchen)

drinking from a big boy cup

even with Super Jay riding along we didn’t get in and out of publix in under an hour… honestly, the only thing that would make me happier than the public cape appearances is if he had a pair of rain boots too :)

happy baby

what Jay’s bed usually looks like in the morning and after naps… not sure how he sleeps with all of that stuff in it

not a super happy baby- his acid reflux is bothering him still and he’s getting teeth to boot!

my view is pretty sweet though…

supper prep- look here for the super delicious recipe

after supper outside playtime

super weekend

We had a super weekend- lots of great family time, lots of things accomplished and checked off of our list, lots and lots of fun!

Jay has been wearing the Superman Cape that my Dad gave him pretty frequently these days (it’s fantastic and I LOVE that he asks to wears it out in public- it usually gets a lot of smiles from strangers too).  On Saturday he wore it to lunch at Hot Dog Heaven.  He had a great time flying with Daddy after lunch and I was lucky to capture a few of these gems.

*Note… if you are faint at heart you may not want to scroll down too far for there is most definitely children “flying” the air ;)


And just so Charlie didn’t feel left out, he got to fly too!

Both boys LOVE this by the way and none of the photos were Photoshopped ;)