friday phone dump…

It’s really hard to believe that the weekend has come and gone and that we are chugging through another week again!  Wow!!

Here’s a little bit of our world from last week.  Enjoy and happy Tuesday to you !

1. sleeping Charlie
2. found his tongue
3. Jay’s duplo “park”
4. silly faces
5. hanging out in the bed
6. Jay working on his chores… helping Mom to empty the dishwasher
7. booty up and thumb in
8. “washing” dishes in the sink while Mommy makes dinner
9 & 10 Charlie sucking on his fingers
11. pancake Tuesday- also known as Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras
12. tummy time
13, 14, 15 & 16. hanging out in Jay’s bed after nap time- Jay was being super cute and kissing all over his brother, he’ll probably hate these photos when he’s a teenager ;)


I have never really been a fan of Thursdays.  It is close enough to Friday and the weekend to be a tease and yet just not close enough.  When I was teaching Thursdays always seemed to drag on and not go by fast enough.  Not much has changed now that I am home, although these two smiling faces do make those LONG days a little bit better ;)


Most everyone has an opinion on whether or not our boys look like each other- some say yes, some say no… does this help in making a decision?

Both sets of photos were taken when Jay and Charlie are 3 months old to the day. On a whim, I choose to put Charlie in the same outfit that I took Jay’s photos in and boy am I glad that I did- it has been so much fun to see the photos side by side! I only wish that Charlie had been a little more smily on the day of his photos… if he was I think the photos would have been even more similar!

today i am…

3 months old!




things of note-

* For the most part Charlie is sleeping at night.  Most nights he will sleep 8-9 hours at a time, which means that I can feed him before I go to bed then again in the early morning.  Occasionally, he wakes me up around 3:30 or 4 but even then it’s not really all that bad.

* Charlie is smiling and cooing ALL of the time. Honestly, he is his the happiest baby I know- we are lucky, lucky, lucky!! (see the video at the end of this post!)

* Just within the last week or two he has discovered his hands and tongue.  They are super fascinating and frequently he will send long periods of time (for a 3 month old) staring at them, putting them in his mouth or licking things.

* He laughs, like a real laugh… it’s not really deliberate or at anything in particular but he laughs and it melts my heart none the less.

* He really started noticing the things and people around him.  Frequently, he will watch me, Jamie or Jay when we walk past him and will follow us when we walk through the room.  He notices when we leave and when we come back and he usually gives us a huge smile when we return.

* He is a thumb sucker.  He will take a paci but prefers his thumb by far and he is actually getting pretty good and finding it on his own.  It is not unusual for me to put him down to nap with a paci and come back to find him sucking his thumb instead.  I guess we will have one of each- one paci kid (Jay) and one thumb sucker…


* He likes being sung too.  I don’t have a stellar voice by any means but he giggles and grins when I sing to him.  Some of his favorites right now are the Itsie Bitsy Spider sung by Jay and Do Your Ears Hang Low.

* He LOVES his bouncy chair.  Jay never much took to it but Charlie will spend long periods of time just hanging out in it.  He takes in the sights around him and is happy as a clam just softly bouncing in it.  When he gets really excited and happy he can really make that thing go.

* Just like Jay, he prefers sleeping on his tummy- shh, don’t tell the Doctor, this is really against the rules!  We aren’t supposed to leave him unattended on his tummy right now per the doctors orders.  But he will sleep for such a long time on his tummy so really who am I to argue?  He also goes to sleep very easily and he likes to have a blanket to sleep on.  Just today he was kind of fussy before going down for his nap until I put a blanket over my shoulder and he snuggled down into it.  I hadn’t realized until just then that he prefers that blanket being there.

* Charlie likes to be able to check out what is going on and to see what is happening which means he likes being upright-  either up on your shoulder or facing out, lying down is for eating and unless he is doing that lying down is unacceptable.  I think that this may stem from when his acid reflux started.  He was uncomfortable when he was on his back (because of the reflux) and so he got used to sitting up and he also got used to being able to see and now he doesn’t like it any other way.

* He still really likes being warm-  if you snuggle this little boy up I would be very surprised if he didn’t fall asleep.  When he is snug as a bug he just crashes.  He also likes to eat/rub/put blankets in his mouth-  frequently the edges of his blankets are damp because he has been sucking on them.

* He adores watching his big brother Jay and Jay Bird really does dote on Charlie.  Jay will stand in front of his bouncer and talk to him or cover him with a blanket. Frequently, Charlie “talks” to Jay deliberately- I mean he looks right at Jay and starts cooing and talking like he is trying to start up a conversation with him.  It’s so sweet to watch them together and I love that they are already friends.  I really can’t wait to see how their relationship will grow as they get older.


* Being tired… finding dislikes for this little guy is honestly a stretch.  There is not much that truly makes him unhappy although he really doesn’t like to be tired- does anyone though?  Usually, if he is fussy it means that he is tired and needs to go down for a nap and will crash on your shoulder shortly…

* He’s also not a huge fan of tummy time.  I find that he is either completely sacked out when I put him on his tummy or fussy- no real in-between.  Although, I have been propping him up on the boppy pillow during some of his tummy time and this seems to help a bit.  But again, even though I say it’s a dislike it’s pretty much a stretch.

also… if you aren’t family you may be bored with this little video but feel free to watch anyway if you want. Jamie and I are apparently “those parents”, you know the ones that post and share videos of their kids doing next to nothing and claim it as the most amazing/adorable (fill in the adjective here) video around :)

friday phone dump

here it is… some snippets from our fun but busy week ;)

1. it looks like Jay is squishing Charlie but he really isn’t… he is offering him is blanket when Charlie was fussing- sweet, sweet brother

2. another view of the sweet, sweet brother- trying to cuddle Charlie to make him feel better

3. reading Curious George- a large book but one of the favorites around here right now

4. silly sleeping Piper

5. happy “little brother”

6. impromptu photo shoot supplies

7. sidewalk chalk booty

8. valentines day art

9. happy heart lunch

10. tummy time- not thrilled with it but not upset either

11. check out those thighs!

12. rejected paci replaced by the thumb

13. sweet nose, sweet baby

14. baby cuddles- nothing better

15. fresh picked strawberries!!!

16. lunch with friends

17. my laundry helper

18. “cheese!”

19. trying on hand-me-down hats

20. re-organizing and packing up baby and little boy clothes that don’t fit anymore


Oh and my sweet little one is 3 months old today- crazy I know!!  I will try to be back later today with what I am sure will be some ridiculously cute photos of him and an update ;)


I don’t really do Valentine’s Day.

I am not a huge flower, candy, bear-the-size-of-you kinda girl.

I am not really the make a huge big deal because we’ve landed on certain calendar date kinda girl either.

I’d rather be the tell the people that I love that I love them each and every time I think about it and hug and kiss on my boys until there is no doubt in their minds that they are loved beyond words kinda girl.

So that is exactly what we are going to do today… there will be a whole lot of hugs and kisses, a whole lot of “I love You’s” and a whole lot of love… here’s hoping you all have a lot of the same.

(seriously! aren’t these two just the cutest!?!)


that being said, don’t misunderstand- I did use today as an ‘excuse’ to take some photos of the boys, there will probably be some pink, red and white crafting going on in our house and possibly some heart shaped lunches around here.

friday phone dump

I am on time today!!!  It was a good but very LONG week, really looking forward to the weekend :)

1. our turtle friend- we think he might live in our front yard

2. sleeping baby

3. Daddy and Jay checking out the turtles in the ditch behind the house

4. Daddy and Jay sliding at the park

5. Charlie and Piper hanging out while we played

6. a close up of our sweet, sweet sleeping baby

7. our little trouble maker- he closed the door so Jamie and I wouldn’t see him crawl into the crib (because he knows that he shouldn’t be in there).  oh and don’t worry- I was holding Charlie, he wasn’t in the crib…

8. chins

9. one of Dolce’s usual perches

10. frosty art

11. funny eyes

12. Jay wearing Piper’s collar on his head

13. hanging outside while Jay and I decorated the driveway

12. trains, laundry and a pitiful puppy- typical day in this house

13. giggles

14. homemade play doh- smells SO yummy!

friday phone dump

So I am better than I was last week but still not great.  I should probably just stop calling it ‘friday phone dump’ and just call it ‘phone dump whenever I get to it’ instead…

1. birthday boy enjoying the icing

2. tornado Jay strikes

3. snoozin’

4. I have a tongue!

5. first bottle

6. sleeping on his back, like he is supposed to ;)

7. snuggles with Momma

8. watching big brother

9. cars! cars!

10. almost all of my boys

11. helping me stamp all of the cards we mailed

12. what you looking’ at?

13. we have movement- his head started on the frog

14. thumb sucker

15. zoned out

16. lunch

17. a duplicate- oops

18. rocket socks

19. cooping mechanism for a terrible friday- faking caffeine ;)

20. tears after getting in trouble for pulling all of the wipes out of the container