why we’ve been gone…

Please excuse the lack of blogging lately, this little one (also excuse the iPhone photo, I haven’t been able to scan the ultrasounds yet) has been keeping me pretty darn busy lately!!  Honestly, I have been pretty lucky with both of my pregnancies and haven’t had much in the way of morning sickness.  However, between chasing after Jay Bird (who is happily in full on toddler mode) and this one growing organs etc it’s wonder how I don’t pass out in my dinner every night…

Either way, there is light at the end of the tunnel since we have official passed into the second trimester and I have hope that my energy will be returning soon!  Keep your fingers crossed for me ;-)  Also, for those of you that are wondering the ultrasound is from our 12 week appointment, last Wednesday.  We got a great report on our new little bean- everything looks super healthy, the heartbeat is strong- yea for good news!! Little baby has it’s back facing up in the photo (the bright white you can see is it’s spine) and you can also see a little bit of a profile, the top part of the leg and the blob in the middle is a hand.  If you can’t see it you’ll have to trust me or try squinting a little…

Will try to check back in again soon…

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