Spring is probably one of the best times of the year in Florida- it’s sunny, warm (not unbearably HOT), everything is blooming and so, so pretty!!  And since it is so nice out; we have been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather (aside from the rain today, yesterday and Monday) and have found ourselves outside as much as possible.

Our afternoons have looked a whole lot like this lately…

this is the way that he likes to ride this bike, not exactly sure why...
walking, walking everywhere
stopping only to smell the flowers
err, I mean eat the flowers...

a berry good weekend

I know that it’s already Tuesday but I can’t help but share at least part of our “berry” good weekend with you all!  Jamie took Friday off (yippee for a long weekend) so we had a ton of great time together.  We went to the zoo (more on that later), picked a ton of fresh strawberries and honestly just relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

Saturday we went in search of the Oviedo farmers market; we have been going to the Winter Park farmers market pretty regularly but wanted to try something different this week.  We had directions, we had a location but we still weren’t able to find it.  We ended up at what appeared to be a farm but there certainly wasn’t any market there.  So a little diappointed but not defeated we chalked the farmers market up to a loss and headed onto plan B- strawberries from Pappy’s Patch!!  There is a pick-your-own strawberry (and blueberries, although they aren’t quite in season) patch located in Oviedo that I have been wanting to try and since we were close we decided to go for it.  Man am I sure glad that plan A was a bust!!  It meant that we got to take home this-

and that our house smelled like fresh, sweet strawberries all day long!  It was so much fun we are planning another trip for Friday (Jamie has the day off again- yippee).  Honestly, if you are close by pack up your kiddos (if you have them, if you don’t that just means more for you) and run not walk there…

Jay loved helping us “pick” the berries.  Although, he wasn’t quite on board with the pick and put in the box concept; he was more of a pick-and-eat kind of guy if you know what I mean.  He picked what he could and if he couldn’t get the strawberry off of the bush he just bit it right off- he’s nothing if not resourceful!!  We paid for extra when we were leaving since I am sure he consummed close to a pound while we were picking (check out his shirt if you want proof,  his white shirt was the only downside to this not being a planned outing).

pure sweetness

This little one has been pure sweetness lately… cuddling frequently, lovin’ on the animals,

begging to be outside enjoying the weather,

first time playing in the sprinkler- yes, it has been warm enough to this here for weeks

communicating in Jay speak with us, playing with everything,

making us laugh and toddling around like a drunken sailor- although he is getting really steady so the drunken part is disappearing fast!

We have been super busy- we have been finishing up taxes, preparing for good times with friends, spring cleaning, reorganizing and purging the house of all things unnecessary.

We’ve been outside working in the yard

and amazing ourselves with our accomplishments in the garden.

helping to prune the dill (weed) plant

Just trying to keep up with the laundry and the day to day stuff has been like trying to keep my head above water.

Jay pitches in from time to time

However, do not misunderstand… things have been wonderful!

We’ve been enjoying time together as a family, checking things off of our lists left and right and the best part…reveling in all things Jay Bird. He is the light of our world and each day with him is amazing!  He high fives now, does “so big”,

will show you his nose (kind of), signs “more”

and “finished” and does things just to make you laugh.  He blows raspberries on tummies, helps to empty grocery bags,

brings book after book after book to you then climbs into your lap so you will read to him.

He talks on the phone all of  the time now

(it’s an old phone that we had hanging around that he LOVES to hold up to his ear and “talk” on).  He has turned into a cookie monster and gets excited when he hears the oven timer ring, regardless of what is in it.

He walks everywhere and nowhere in particular all the time-

he walks in circles around the house just because he can…  it’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s been pure bliss.

So please excuse our absence here we’ve been a little busy enjoying the here and now ;-)


We certainly are not too “cool” to show our excitement about Friday around here!  I did a little happy dance getting out of bed this morning- because “its FRIDAY!”  Yahoo for weekends and Daddy being home :-)

we’re not taking our chances…

There will be no pinching for us- we are sporting our green today!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!

ok- so you can actually see Jay's green in this one and yes, he is indeed a real charmer

p.s.  Do you know how difficult it is to get a “self portrait” while holding a toddler and juggling a massive camera? It’s hard I tell ya, really hard!

enjoying the usual

Often times I find myself in the kitchen during the weekends.  Making bread for the week, experimenting with a new cookie project or convincing Jamie to tackle some type of food thing that I am too intimidated to try on my own.  Well this past weekend was no exception; however, we did have a little bit of perfect weather/ bike riding/ outside enjoying time mixed in too.  It was more of the usual and wow it was wonderful!

We cranked out some whole wheat bread, homemade yogurt (it’s delicious but we haven’t mastered the consistency yet- guess we just need more practice), a super yummy tomato soup (with farmers’ market veggies), experimented by making these (also with farmers’ market veggies)

Super yummy (and easy too) sweet potato crackers! The recipe says that they need to be eaten within the week (because of the lack of preservatives) but I really don't think this will be a problem- Jay has been been gobbling them down!

and we took these

and made this…

Jay waiting not so patiently while Mama took the photos- what can I say? He gets his patience from me...

Don’t worry, we let him enjoy more than his fair share of strawberries straight from the baskets.  They were so delicious, I just hope they still have some at the farmers’ market this weekend when we go.  I have plans for more freezer Jam (btw- I just used the recipe from the pectin box, I know not really original, but it was easy peasy and so good), fruit leather and there is a super yummy strawberry cupcake recipe that I am dying to try too… I’ll let you know if any of that actually happens :-)

Jay has been making such silly faces lately- squishing up his face and furrowing his eyebrows at us. I have no clue why he was making this face but I love it all the same.
sweet goodness

Strawberry Smiles- we moved to the high chair as things got a little messier

We certainly hope your weekend was as sweet as ours and that your week is shaping up nicely too!

i take too many pictures

I seriously take too many pictures every day!!  I tried limiting myself to just ten yesterday for the 10 on 10 project but failed miserably.  My 10 on 10 turned out to be more like 63 on 10.  Oh well, what can I say- at least we are well documented these days :-)

I left out a few yesterday that were too good not to share so here’s my 6 more on 11…

my happy little jumping bean bouncing in his bed after nap time
silly goose acting a fool to get a laugh out of me
happy boy on a car ride
these shoes were made for walking...
what a 13 month old sugar rush looks like- italian ice, oh so yummy especially to a teething baby
shark attack to make you laugh

p.s. thank goodness it’s Friday!!!!