today i am…

One year old!!

I know I have already posted today, however; I couldn’t miss posting this one too!

How exactly did this happen?  Where does all the time go?  I am allowed to say this, I promise you, it’s my right as a Mother of a one year old.  Seriously, I am pretty sure I blinked and the whole year passed us by.  That being said, we have had the most amazing year and I wouldn’t change one bit of it (that goes for those low points and sleepless nights too).

Stats: (not official ones, we don’t go to the Dr for another week but here’s what Jamie and I got this morning…)

Weight: 20.5 lbs – Daddy will be turning his car seat around now!

Height: 28.5 inches

Teeth: 7- that 8th one is really holding out on us!

Things of note:

* Jay has taken a few steps on his own but isn’t walking yet.  His balance is great and he is full on cruising but he just isn’t ready to walk yet.  Right now he knows he can get anywhere he wants- and fast- by crawling so he isn’t in a real hurry.

*Most mornings and after most naps he is super excited to see us (Jamie or me) when we come to get him from his crib.  He all but does circles in his crib out of excitement and usually looks around his crib for something to point to or show us- a paci, stuffed animal, a real animal that has followed me in the room.

*He is pretty shy.  He hardly goes more than two feet away from me or Jamie when we are around a group of new people and he will rest his head on my shoulder when someone he doesn’t really know talks to him while we are out.  If we are home however or around people that we know we can’t get the kiddo to stop jabbering.  Sometimes it is so loud that we have to yell to be heard over him.

*He isn’t really talking yet although, we are pretty sure that he says Mama, Dada, kitty and possibly Bella.  It’s just so hard to tell how deliberate each of those are.

*He is super curious about everything still.  He points at the birds and the airplanes and is constantly saying “ooh” when we are outside.  He loves to look at things and will all but crawl out of my arms and over my shoulder to take a look at something.  He also will flatten himself out to peer under things.  It really is adorable to see him smooshed up on the ground with his face pressed to the carpet and his booty in the air looking at or for something.


*Blueberries!!!  They are by far his favorite food right now.  Jay knows the bowl that we keep them in gets excited and starts clapping as soon as he sees it come out of the fridge.  Kiwi makes for a close second, he has an extra stomach for fruit and can’t get enough of it.  As for eating, he is still a good eater and has added mullet dip, homemade yogurt, apples, french fries and cauliflower to his long list of likes.

*Balloons!!!  He has a huge thing for balloons right now; honestly, we can’t even get into the check-out lane at publix before he is eyeing the balloons, pointing at them and then looking expectantly at the cashier.  He is happy as a clam as soon as he gets one (he doesn’t care what color either) and can play with it for days.  They only go away when I get sick of it and toss it while he’s napping- seriously- he had on in the bath one night since it was just easier not to fight it.

*He still loves the bath, he splashes around and would probably stay in there until he was super pruny and cold if we would let him.

*Playing with your toys.  Jay has a corner in the family room that houses a good portion of his toys.  He will go to town most afternoons there; taking everything out and tossing things over his shoulders.  So far he really likes the drum sticks and egg shakers from his music set and his alligator pull toy best.  He also loves the bbq tongs, mini loaf pans and measuring spoons from the kitchen and a basket full of old DVD’s and pens from in the office- none of these are exactly toys but we don’t care, we’re just fostering creativity here.

*Crawling in and around things.  Jay loves to play in Piper’s crate and the laundry basket.  He also loves to crawl around and through the legs on the dinning room and kitchen tables.  If you add a balloon or alligator pull toy to drag behind him into the mix we have one happy, happy child!

*Peek-a-boo is still a favorite game and hide and seek has started to become fun as well.  Although, I must say that  Jay isn’t a stellar hider just yet.


*Sitting still for anything!  Getting his diaper changed, getting dressed, waiting for his juice before nap time.  I have gotten really talented at quick diaper changes and putting diapers on a standing child after baths.  We also have left a pile of things by the changing table to help distract him for just a few seconds while we change him.

More pictures because I can…

my shoot helpers consulting with Jay
sharing- he will pass things that he likes to you now instead of just showing you them

relaxing a little bit...
love that smile!
such a big boy and not easy to do on the squishy bed
looking for Piper after the shoot

happy birthday sweet boy!

one week
one year

Dear Jay Bird,

This year has been quite the adventure and I can’t even begin to describe what it has been like for me and your Daddy. A year ago I was wondering when you would come, what you would look like and who you would be like. Little did I know that I could have never dreamt up how wonderful you would be…

You turned my life upside down the moment they placed you in my arms at the hospital. You had my nose and your Daddy’s eyes and made the sweetest little pterodactyl sounds around; it was music to my ears. I wanted to hold you and cuddle you and never put you down but we had a revolving door of visitors so I had to share. You are one very loved little boy with a whole mess of admirers and you never fail to put on a good show for them.

You make me smile with everything that you do and as I sit here surrounded by your toys with you napping in the next room I find myself at a loss for words. I am sure that anything I say cannot possibly do you justice. You are amazing. You are kind and gentle, you are loud and boisterous but so shy at the same time, you are a thinker and analyze everything, you are cautious and playful all at once. You love to play on your own, dance to music, have stories read to you. You love playing in the tub at bath time, to go outside and watch for birds and airplanes, you love your animals and light up every time time they enter the room. You love peek-a-boo and hide behind everything you can find; even a string or the lace of a shoe. It is such a delight to see your huge smile and your face light up as you hear Daddy and me wondering aloud where you could be. Your endless curiosity is amazing! You are constantly pointing at things and showing us stuff. I am going to miss your “ooh” face terribly when you are able to talk… I love when your eyes light up when you get excited; your whole face shows your joy. I love the way you rest your head on my shoulder when someone you don’t know talks to you, when you snuggle into me when I feed you or when you are drinking your juice before nap time and the way you softly rub your feet together without even knowing that you are doing it- you get that from me by the way… I love the way you rush to the door every evening when Daddy gets home; somedays your little arms can’t keep up with just how fast you would like to go and you tumble over yourself. It is amazing to watch the two of you play; sometimes I find myself just staring you both wondering how I got to be so lucky. I wish I could bottle up your excitement, curiosity and the sound of your laugh. How wonderful it would be to freeze time and for you to be my little baby forever. And while I will admit that I am sad to see this year go, it is so easy to want you to stay this way forever, I can’t wait to see all the great things that are yet to come.

I can’t wait to see the silly things you’ll do, hear the silly things you’ll say or watch you grow into the sweet little boy that you are going to be. I can’t wait to hear you say Momma intentionally or for you to walk to me and that is just the beginning. There are endless possibilities for the things that you can and will accomplish, the sky’s the limit little boy; I hope you constantly remember to reach high. Know that Daddy and I are so very, very proud of you and feel so blessed that you are taking us on this journey with you.

I love you, sweet boy. Happy Birthday!



breaking news

steps have been taken!!

We certainly do not have a full on walker by any means but our little Jay Bird has spread his wings and taken his first few steps! I still continue to think that he won’t really and truly walk until he is really sure he can- he is a very deliberate little boy, just like his Daddy, but we are excited none the less AND Daddy was home to see them too!  I don’t have any pictures to show for it.  We instead were simply enjoying the moment with him; but, I do have this super cute video to share instead.  It has a little bit of everything from the last few weeks.  A little laughing, a little playing with Daddy, a little dancing and a little bit of “old man” walker action.  He was so tickled that he could push Aunt Martha’s old stool around the office- check out that proud grin!

Love, love, love this little boy!

can it be Saturday already?

We sure are sorry that Daddy had to head back into the office today.  It has been so nice having him home the last few days (he worked from home Friday and Tuesday and had Monday off).  Here’s hoping that Saturday will hurry up and come soon so we can play again!

playing at the park
just hanging- honestly Jay really doesn't mind this :-)
a little after nap time gaming
sharing his duplo with Daddy


We have child locks on all of the really important cabinets now.  This is something that has been on our list for quite some time and for one reason or another we just haven’t been able to check it off.  But yesterday, while Jamie was off from work, he (along with his terribly cute helper) was able to put a few on.  Yahoo, yahoo, yahoo!!

My knees (which have until now been holding them closed while little hands try to get in) and my sanity thank them both!

check out Jamie's serious face in this one- love it!!

cousin pictures

Every year when everyone is together (which is usually only at the holidays) Jamie’s family takes a cousin picture.  Last year they (the Moms and Dads/ Aunts and Uncles) made every cousin a book with all of the pictures- it was so cool to see everyone grow up from year to year.  And also pretty darn funny to see some of the clothing (a lot of it was from the 80’s and early 90’s).  This year Jay (since he is a cousin too) was included in the picture.  I can’t wait to see this picture continue to grow as the family continues to grow!

some other group shots that I (or others) took that day…

the Perreault kids plus me and Jay
Cooper kids
Constant Family shot
Mary Beth and Sean
Mary Beth and Michael
Mimi and her girls
Jamie and his sisters

christmas craftiness

I love crafting; however, I don’t get a whole bunch of time to do it anymore.  So this year, as an excuse (kind of) to be able to, I decided to make a good majority of our Christmas presents.  I love getting things that are homemade from people; I love the thought and time that is put into those gifts.  I hope that people we know do to, since I am probably going to try and do the same next year too! Although, in a perfect world I would start a little sooner in the year than I did this year.  Check out some of the projects we gave…

a necklace that I made for Holly with interchangeable flower pins
cookies that I used for my Mom and Frannie's place card at Christmas dinner
more gingerbread cookies
an elephant pupet that I made for Jay
a camera case that I made for Holly- by far my favorite gift to give, I love how it turned out!
shirts made for Jay using freezer paper stencils- a snowflake initial and a "jay bird" shirt
hooper crossing shirts for Aunt Nicole
2010 ornament, Jay's- a Jay Bird and Jamie's- a carrot because we put in the garden this year
bows, bows and more bows that I used for gift wrapping (can be worn later in hair on shirts, purses etc)
a wrapped present with bow
our table set for Christmas dinner
Jamie's place setting
Jamie making pickles
lots and lots of pickles!!

Some of the things that I made but forgot to take pictures of included a “Grandma and Me” book for my Mom, a Perreault Memory Game for my three year old cousin (this was adorable and I regret not getting a picture of it… I’ll have to make one for Jay and take pictures), a frame with family pictures for Mimi (we didn’t make the frame but the pictures are all ours), dog rope toys, pickles- which Jamie and I made together (I actually did take pictures while we were making them just none of them packaged nicely and ready to be given), a delicious honey- cinnamon butter, homemade Almond Joys (that I may or may not have “tasted” while making)cookies, cookies and more cookies!  I think when I added up my cookie total I was up to somewhere around 375 and that didn’t count the candy and other baking!

christmas catch up…

We took so many pictures over the holidays and I have been steadily trying to play catch up.  I have finally sorted through all of our holiday ones so here they are…

Sit back, relax and stay awhile :-)

Jay and Mommy playing ball with Piper
Daddy and Jay playing four square (they made a good team) at the Holly/Holly Birthday party
YAHA playing four square- one of my two favorites from the game pics
a Mimi victory dance- my other favorite
Mary Playing a solo at the annual Sing-a-long
I can't remember what song this was- maybe Josh would?
Aunt Nancy getting the Sing-a-long quilt, it was beautiful
Christmas Eve- the bows were so much fun!
beautiful tree- spoiled family
Santa came- Jay must have been good this year!
proof that Santa was here- reindeer tracks in our family room!
Christmas morning

playing with his new pull toy
Perreault Family picture- 2010
Jay's first Christmas walk around
the parade...
dancing to holiday tunes with YAHA and Mary Beth
Scott and Frannie
Daddy with a sleepy boy after his nap
Grandmom and Jay opening presents
unwrapping time!
annual holiday picture
annual goofy picture of Scott and Frannie (or at least annual for Scott)
Grandmom and Jay by the tree
trying to get a group shot
a little better this time