I finally remembered to measure Jay yesterday (I kept thinking about it when he was napping or after he had gone to bed on Saturday), so here are the stats…

Weight: 17lbs (on the dot)

Height: 27 inches long

He apparently was going for all of the stats with “7” in them for his 7th month…

As for the crawling- it hasn’t happened yet although, the face plant and drag your body army crawl is in full swing :-)

And since all posts are better with a picture… here are a few that I took the other day while attempting to capture of the above mentioned “crawling”.

sorry for the diaper shots, we were playing just before bath time...

sorry for the full booty shot but it's the only angle that I got that shows the face plant move

today i am…

Time is flying folks- my precious little baby is 7 months old today!!  Jamie and I are really enjoying every minute with Jay right now; his personality has really developed lately, he loves to discover new things around him and is pretty happy most of the time.  Honestly, he is just an absolute joy to be around!

the stats:

*Weight: 17lbs

*Length: 27 inches long

*Teeth: two!!

Some things of note:

*Jay is about to be mobile, well I should say crawling.  He has been moving quite frequently for a while now, rolling to reach things that he wants (primarily one of his animals), scooting on the floor on his tummy, doing complete 360’s on his belly so he can see everything around him and most recently getting up on all fours and face planting to close in on items of interest.  However, I know that my days of him staying in relatively the same location as he is placed are limited since he has been getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  He also can occasionally get one hand moved and out but that’s as far as he gets.  It won’t be long now and I am going to be in trouble when he’s on the move!

*He is quite the talker, stringing consonants and vowels together and jabbering on and on.  My current favorite is “Mama”… even though I know that it’s not intentional I still LOVE the sound of it :-)  He also says Dada, baba, yaya and something that resembles “Hey”.

*Along with talking, screaming is also a frequent thing around here lately.  He squeals and makes all kinds of high pitched noises while playing and when he is really excited.

*He can be pretty shy.  He will scream and talk like a mad man while we are the house or around people that he knows but if we are in public and someone talks to him that he isn’t familiar with he clams up.  I guess we won’t have to teach the “don’t talk to strangers” lesson to this kiddo…

*His sleeping is leaps and bounds above where it was last month!  He is sleeping through the night consistently, from 7pm to about 8am now (this took a painful week and a half of letting him cry it out it the middle of the night, but it was worth it) and naps for about 1.5 to 2hrs in the morning and about 45 minutes in the afternoon.


*Peaches!  Honestly, he has gotten a whole lot better about eating lately and will eat just about anything we give him.  If you can force at least one bite into his mouth, the kid will gobble the rest of (fill in the blank here) down.  We have given him everything from sweet potatoes, pears and blueberries to fresh avocado.  He really is an advocate for all orange foods (maybe he thinks it will keep his hair red) so he loves sweet potatos, carrots and peaches!  I think he has a fruit compartment in is stomach like his Mama; seriously he can be full and refuse to eat another bite of anything until he realizes it’s fruit and then the mouth couldn’t open up any wider.

*The Bath.  He is still a huge fan of bath time and squeals and flails his arms around when we start to run the water regardless of how tired he is.

*His animals!  He loves, loves, loves all three of them and frequently looks for them around the house.  I don’t think that he could smile any bigger than he does when we get Piper up (out of her crate) in the morning.  He also squeals at the animals, when he is really excited. I’m not sure that they really like it but I think he’s just telling them that he loves them.

*Books are also still a huge hit. I have been really surprised by the length of his attention span.  He can stick with us (on most days) through half of a Bill Peet book and he loves most other books that are read to him.  I would still say that his favorite is Hand Hand Fingers Thumb but he really likes a lot of the ones we read.

*Peek-a-Boo is a super fun game since he has been able to rip whatever cloth we throw over his head.  He also really likes when I bounce him up and down on my legs and sing Yankee Doodle, not sure why but it does, so I continue to do it.

*Playing!!  This kid can sit for seriously long periods of time and just play.  He loves most toys although his caterpillar stacking cups are among the favorites along with Mama’s measuring spoons and measuring cups.


* When I leave the room :-(  Lately (and thankfully not consistently) he will be happily playing without a care in the world until he sees me leave the room at which point he promptly bursts in to huge crocodile tears!  I can only hope that this will not get any worse…

And with that, I’ll leave you with 7 pictures for 7 months (I couldn’t pick just one) and outtakes of course.  By the way, the block pictures are getting really challenging to take, especially since I am taking them on our really high bed, but I like the challenge!

although it's hard to tell because of his shirt he is up on his hands and knees in this one! heaven help me...
"hey Mom, what's up?"

look at those lashes... sigh

the library

Yesterday Jay and I packed up in the morning before his first nap (this was either going to work out really well or turn out horribly for me- I chose to believe the first option and went with it) and headed to the library for story time.  Turns out that story time doesn’t start until next week however we enjoyed our time anyway.  There were two other little kids, both at least a year older than Jay, who were running around playing and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of them.  He watched them so intently only occasionally pausing to look at a few pages of a book that I was holding.  While we were there we filled our bag with a handful of stories for the week, got some information about story time, read a few of stories, watched some kids play and then I headed home with a tired little boy in tow… Definitely would say it was a success and the two hour plus nap that Jay took when we got home was an added bonus!

The only “complaint” I have and I really hesitate to even call it that, is that there were so many picture books I didn’t know where to start!  Any suggestions here would be more than welcomed :-)

yes, those are Bill Peet books- he loves them and his Daddy is so happy about that


Last Thursday Jay’s first tooth finally popped through the gum and made it’s appearance.  Jamie didn’t believe me that it was actually through the gum until I showed him the mark Jay had accidentally left on my finger and made him feel for himself! Jay has been working on them for a few weeks now, bless his heart.  This means that you can tell they occasionally bother him, although he hasn’t been super fussy, and sleeping in general has been a little less predictable (sometimes he naps wonderfully, sometimes he doesn’t/ sometimes he sleeps through the night, sometimes not so much).  All in all it hasn’t been a horrible experience aside from knowing that he is hurting.  He is working on one more, the bottom front right one, and I hope it will make it’s appearance either before or sometime during this weekend and then maybe the little guy can catch a break for awhile.  Until then, cold teethers and ice cubes are our friends :-)

He also really likes for us to brush his teeth with the baby tooth brush that I bought.  I am sure that it just feels really good on those gums…

check out how long those red locks are getting!
isn't he sweet? so darling and such a good boy!

I’ll be sure to post a picture as soon as I am able to get one; not sure how soon that will be- he’s pretty guarded about them right now.

fun with toys

Recently, Jay has really been playing a whole lot.  I can put him on a blanket in the middle of the floor and place some toys around him and he will play for as long as I let him.  It’s great- I love watching his little brain work while he is playing; he really does take everything in and love to play!  Also, this “new” trick allows for me to get a some stuff done while he plays (laundry etc) so it’s a win-win situation for all!

If I had to choose I would say his current favorite toy is anything that stacks; I make towers and he knocks them down, over and over again. We certainly all have our jobs in this household :-)  The first few pictures are of Jay’s stacking cups; a very inexpensive toy that I would highly recommend to any parent.  Although, I think he would probably like plain old tupperware just as much.  The others are of a boat that he really likes to play with too- enjoy!

love his little face in this picture :-)

his favorite part of the boat is certainly the flag, although the little man that goes with the boat is a close second

so thankful

I can’t help but feeling so thankful today as all of my teacher friends head back to work (some with children, some without) that I don’t have to pack up the sweet face below, drop him off somewhere and leave him for the day.  I can’t help but feel so blessed that I am able to stay home every day and do silly things like put t-shirts on Jay’s head and take pictures of his smiling face.  Thank you Jamie, for all the sacrifices you make that allow me to stay home; both Jay and I are so grateful…

silly, silly boy!
I am sure that I wouldn't handle being away from this sweet face all day well at all!

the grass isn’t always greener on the other side

Since I’d say our grass is pretty darn green :-)  I love, love, love afternoons like we had today!!  Jamie, Jay and I took a stroll on Park Ave and ended up letting Jay stretch his legs in the grass before heading home.  Jay loved it!  There were so many new things to look at, feel and explore- it’s a good thing that I tote my camera everywhere with me these days; I would have hated to miss getting this.

Hope your Saturday afternoon was as wonderful as ours…

my guys

in case you didn’t know

we still have three furry children that live in our house, they just don’t get as much face time on the blog as they used to. Doesn’t mean that we don’t love them as much as we did but we do take fewer pictures of them now.

Just so they don’t feel too neglected here are a few of them lately…

she's so pretty...
an advantage of having a baby in the house is having baby stuff to hide under :-)

sneaking in some cuddle time with Dad

Piper making good use of a vacated blanket