love like crazy…

There is a new (I think, we don’t get out that much) song on the radio lately that I have really enjoyed.  Frequently, I get so caught up in everything that I forget to stop and enjoy the here and now.  The unfortunate part about that is that my here and now is pretty amazing.  For whatever reason this song made me stop and think about how much time I am wasting, maybe I should take some advice from this country artist…

Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice


be a best friend
tell the truth
and over use I love you
go to work
do your best
don’t out smart your common sense
never let your prayin’ knees get lazy
and love like crazy

I hope you all enjoy your day off with family and friends and get a chance to love like crazy!

I know I certainly will...

today i am…

only 4 months old and already playing with Mama's blocks

I know that I keep saying this month by month but seriously where does the time go??  I think that I have been awake for more total hours a day than I have possibly ever been in my life but I still can’t figure out where all the time goes.  Jay has been literally changing before our eyes, it’s so much fun to watch him discover and learn new things. Daily Jamie and I are getting the pleasure of knowing Jay and being introduced to his personality, it’s such an amazing thing to discover as a couple.  I love meeting him!

Stats:  Jay is currently 13lbs 15oz and 24 1/2 inches long.  This is not a huge change from last month (13oz more and 1/2 an inch more), like it was between month two and three (1lb 14oz more and 1 inch in length more) but he is still growing like a bad weed in my opinion.  We went to the Dr on Monday where Jay got another round of shots (I cried again but so did he) and was checked from head to toe by the Dr.  The report was shinning and we were told that Jay is in the 50% for weight, height and head circumference, but we know that he is anything but average.

Things of note:

*Jay began laughing this month.  He was trying really hard for a long time to give a big belly laugh so we knew it was coming but he held out until Mother’s Day to give it his all.  It was a great gift by the way and you can see the video here, if you missed it.

*In addition to the laughing Jay has also started to become ticklish.  Right now it’s mostly on his belly and a little on his feet but if you get him at just the right time he will reward you with one of his fully belly laughs.

*Jay has been rolling over since very early in the month.  Although, it is only from back to front and not from tummy to back.  He will roll over onto his tummy and then get pretty mad because he still doesn’t much care for being on his tummy.  It’s like he’s saying “who’s bright idea was it for me to be on my tummy, this wasn’t what I wanted at all!”

*He began scooting a little when he is on his tummy.  He is certainly not going far at this point but he is also not staying where he is left anymore.  I am seriously going to be in trouble when he really starts to move!

*He will squeal really loudly when he gets excited.  It sounds like a little girl, but don’t tell his Daddy.

*Jay’s napping is getting better (this is a recent development-woohoo!) and it really has been and is a work in progress.  He generally will take one good nap a day, which is anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour and a half and then will take two other short power naps (30-35 minutes long) at some point.  This is leaps and bounds above where he was before and I am finally being able to get some stuff done during the day.  You never realize just how much you can get done in 25 minutes on your own until you don’t have those 25 minutes.

*We have reverted a bit in the sleep department from last month.  Currently Jay is waking up once a night, usually sometime between 12-1am and then getting up around 6:30 or 7am.  This is not the full nights sleep that we were getting but he definitely is more rested from having slept well during the night and day.  The best part about the napping is that he wakes up with a smile on his face, it’s the cutest thing to wake up to- sorry Jamie.

*He noticed Piper for the first time this month.  Ever since he was born she has not strayed far from our side.  She has followed me around everywhere I go with him and frequently licked his head when he is upset or just to say hey.  Up until this month he has been oblivious to her, but within the last week or so he has finally seen her and he watches her when she moseys on past him.  He has also reached out to try and touch both Piper and the kitties, like he reaches for toys.  I can’t wait until he can play with her, I know that they are going to be best buds!

*Jay’s eyes are really starting to look like they’ll be  green like mine- woohoo, I am excited about this!  They started out pretty blue but over the past few months they have added a little green and brown to them.

*We think, although it was not confirmed at the Doctors, that Jay is teething.  He will gnaw on just about anything that you give him- toy, burp cloth, finger.  It doesn’t seem to be bothering him.  I actually think it bothers Jamie more since it has been causing Jay to drool a lot more than he was.


*Looking Around- He is as curious as ever about the world around him right now.  He doesn’t miss much and he is always looking around at things.  He will follow people (frequently me) as they walk across the room.

*Toys- He really likes to play with toys now.  He began reaching for them a few weeks ago and now you have to pry them away from him.  Right now I think that his Lion friend is probably his favorite; it rattles and crinkles which is great!  Honestly though, he will reach for anything that is put in front of him right now (and then bring it directly to his mouth)- the most recent thing has been my cell phone.  I guess he is telling me that I shouldn’t be texting Daddy while he is at work :-)

*Eating his hands, or anyone’s hands that are within reach for that matter.  This probably goes along with the whole teething thing.

*Sitting up!  He LOVES to sit up (with the help from someone or the boppy pillow) I think it is because our curious child can see things that are around when he is sitting up.  Either way, he is doing some serious core work when he sits like he does.

*Talking-  He will talk to anyone that will listen or tell you if you are not listening; he hasn’t learned the rule of not interrupting yet.

*Standing-  His little Michelin Man legs are good for something these days and that is supporting all of his chubby little cuteness.  When he is standing he will sometimes kick his one leg over and over again like he is dancing.  It’s so cute and he is really proud of himself for being able to do it.

*Being outside- Jay still LOVES to be outside!  I think that I am going to have to lather this child in sunscreen daily because of the amount of time we are going to spend outside when he gets older.  Right now we are still enjoying our walks, sitting in the front courtyard and hanging out on a blanket in the yard.

*Swimming!  Jay went swimming this month for the first time.  He seemed to really enjoy himself the couple times that he has been; he wasn’t too sure at first but he warmed up to it quickly.

*Bath Time-  He has always really enjoyed this part of the nightly routine but lately he has been kicking his feet and starting to splash around in his bath– so adorable.

*Cuddling- I am not sure who likes this more, Mommy or Jay, but every night (and sometimes in the day if I am lucky) he will snuggle in and crash on me.  I love, love, love this and regardless of the day we have had I am a 110% better after our cuddle session.  I dread the day that he gives it up…


*Tummy Time- Jay is still not a fan of tummy time, although he doesn’t fight as much as he used to, we are working hard on this.

*The Car-  I am still wishing for the day when the switch will be flipped and he will be as pleasant as punch in the car- I am told that it will come.  Although to his credit he is getting better, we can go for about 10 minutes and on the rare occasion 15  minutes without screaming.  This is huge by the way, since it means that I am no longer trapped at home!

As usual, a few more from our 4 month photo shoot.  We changed it up a bit today and went outside too!

Again, playing with the blocks! I think he looks like such a big boy here...
so adorable- melts my heart
all smiles for Mama

play date

Yesterday Jay and I walked over to have a play date with Christina and Chase (our next door neighbor and her almost 8 week old son).  We took a blanket and some toys outside, set up under the shade of  a tree and had a grand old time.  I can’t wait until we can do it again!

Jay with one of his new favorite toys
The many phases of Chase- alert and playing through crashed! I can't blame him though, I would have loved to nap in the shade :-)
just hanging out
just hanging out
a new favorite picture of mine- LOVE his expression!!
a new favorite picture of mine- LOVE his expression in this one!!
the whole crew, minus the lady with the camera

so glad

that my little one is feeling better.  Yesterday morning he went to the doctor for his 4 month checkup and got 3 shots (one was taken orally) and the rest of the day he was pitiful.  He wanted so badly to be a happy, smiley little boy but it was so hard.  He was sleepy, cuddly, kind of grumpy and running a low grade fever the whole day (I loved the cuddly part) but thankfully he is back to himself today!  It broke my heart knowing that he wasn’t feeling well; I really am going to be a wreck the first time he gets really sick…

being cuddly and pitiful with Mommy before his bath
trying so hard to be a sweet, happy boy

family pictures

I have been wanting to get some nice pictures of us as a family for some time now; you know aside from the self portrait style (which in all honestly I sometimes really love- but they have their place).  So this past Sunday Nan and her two adorable men headed over to Rollins College with us to grab a few.  My little guy wasn’t really cooperating, the ground was far more interesting than anything else around, however; Nan worked her magic and was able to grab a few that I’ll cherish forever.  Thanks friend- love you!

my favorite

man o' man do I love this guy!
might be a permanent expression on my face when this little boy gets to be mobile

love this too- my two handsome guys
the Knight family
sweet friend and the little boys
my sweet friend Nan

one year ago today…

One year ago today I took one of these (the first of many for my unbelieving eyes)…

I loved that the one said "yes" it's like pregnancy tests for dummies :-)

and it said that we were going to have one of these…

first pics of sweet baby Jay

Over the next nine months I did this…

It really is hard to believe that I was this big at one point (these are the last pictures that we have of me before Jay was born).

please excuse the scowl, apparently I was uncomfortable- how quickly we forget!

Even if I don’t remember being that big I do remember how it amused me so to take pictures of my feet poking out from my belly…

see, it really is an amusing view :-)

114 days ago from today (and 251 days from May 21, 2009- if you are one to count) we became this…

first picture as a family of three

One year ago today I couldn’t imagine having this little guy in my life and now I can’t imagine my life without him…

so in love with this little fella

So what this all boils down to is that one year ago today Jamie and I were blessed…