welcome friends!

Welcome everyone!  Jamie and I have decided to combine our efforts to bring you the most up to date photos and tidbits from our life; we figure if we both have a go at it we may actually stay somewhat up to date.  Demand for pictures of our cutie is high and free time is low right now, so we will try our best…

We are so happy for you to be here, thanks for visiting- be sure to come back soon!!

one week ago today

One week ago today my life changed; my son was born.  James Vickers Perreault Jr, or Jay as we call him, entered this world and nothing has been the same since.  Jamie and I have spent the first week of his life just drinking him in and sharing him with anyone that is willing to cuddle, hug or just listen about how perfect we think he is.  Enjoy the pictures and I will try to post again soon…

James (Jay) Vickers Perreault Jr
January 27, 2010
7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long

February 3, 2010