the newest Perreault

The following post was originally on a temporary site that I set up for the sole purpose of recapping Jay’s birth to friends and family; so I have moved it here as its new home.


10:00am: Kristen sends me a text at work saying that she had a talk with our son and he agreed to come on the 27th if I agreed to start my baby-leave on the 27th
10:30pm: Kristen and I go to sleep early because she’s tired… not knowing that the little guy was listening earlier

1:57am Kristen woke up and her water broke
2:50am We load up all our bags and head to the hospital
2:53am We walk into the emergency room entrance
2:58am We are upstairs settling into our labor room; we got the only labor room with a lie-flat chair/bed for me
4:00am Kristen receives an epidural and we both lie back to sleep
8:00am Kristen didn’t sleep much and I got about an hour of interrupted sleep
11:15am We took a few pictures of Kristen and me in the labor room

12:00pm Kristen is almost fully dilated
2:00pm Kristen is still almost fully dilated
3:39pm James (Jay) Vickers Perreault Jr. Arrives!
Kristen and I decided to name him after my grandpa, James Vickers, whom I am also named after.

5:30pm We are taken to our new room where we will stay for the next 2 days (approximately)
8:00pm After seeing multiple nurses (a common theme throughout the day) we invited the Grandparents to visit

11:00pm The grandparents left a while ago and I’m writing this in the hospital. I hope it finds everyone happy and healthy, just like we are

preparations being made

A few pictures of some random preparations…

The Little Guy’s Room:
We have had the nursery done for quite some time but I haven’t posted any complete pictures so here you go…

rest assured the pictures have been ordered for that frame and they are on their way- it won’t hang empty on the wall for much longer
Car Seat Installation:
Probably the most notable thing that we have done recently was to put the car seat in the car this past weekend. Both of us were rather surprised on how easy it was to install; it honestly is pretty dummy-proof. It is kind of odd to drive around with it in the car: whenever I get out and walk away without it I wonder if people think that I am leaving a child in the car…
Here is a picture of it in the car which shows off the new cover that Mimi (Jamie’s mom) made for it; she did a fantastic job- it looks professionally made and I love the puppy dog print!!

hurry up and wait…

I resolved myself months ago to the fact that I wouldn’t know exactly when this little bambino would enter the world; however, the “hurry up and wait” game has become not as fun as I thought it to be originally. I have NEVER claimed to be a patient person so as you can probably tell this has not been easy for me; which means that it has pushed Jamie closer to Sainthood for dealing with me :-) I would just like to meet my little one, hold him and cuddle him- is that too much to ask? I don’t think so…

We have been “prepared” for a while now; I use quotes when I say prepared since we truly believe that you are never prepared to bring a child into the world. However, we are as ready as we can be- the freezer, pantry and extra toiletries are stocked, the house is clean, the laundry is done, his laundry is done, his room is ready, we have way more things than we could possibly ever need for him, we’ve taken classes- I think you probably get the picture by now although I am sure that I could keep going. We are prepared but now we are in this odd stage of maintenance, maintaining the preparation that we have done. It’s weird, we have food in the house that is easy to prepare and ready to eat but neither one of us wants to eat it (why would we want to decrease our supply?) Last night we had publix subs and I am not sure what is on the menu tonight, maybe eggs. I also have this odd feeling that I should keep doing small loads of laundry just to make sure that it’s kept up with- it’s crazy and OCD I know. This is our conundrum as of late, we are sitting around forced to just wait, if you have any suggestions/ coping mechanisms please let me know… We are going to enjoy the long weekend, sleep in and try not to guess when he will come- or at least that is what we are (or I am) telling ourselves.
By the way, everything is going well. I have been a little more tired than usual and my upper back is starting to bother me pretty consistently but other than that we don’t have any complaints- which means we are blessed. I will continue to keep you posted as we go along, thanks for all of the well wishes and questions of concern- we love you all.

even the animals are just hanging around waiting…

date night

One goal that Jamie and I set when we got married was to have a weekly Date Night; a night that is just for us. So often, we loose track of what is important in our lives- especially each other and we didn’t want that too happen to us. So, every Sunday since we married we have spent the evening together. Occasionally, we have not been able to keep date night on Sunday, but date night has a rescheduling rule- if we aren’t able to have date night on Sunday we have to intentionally reschedule it for later in the week (or earlier if we know about the conflict ahead of a time). I love Date Night!! We don’t always go out, actually we don’t really go out that frequently but we do spend quality one on one time together, it’s great. Sometimes we make dinner together, sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we just curl up with a good book together, we have even had date afternoons and spent the afternoon out at the park together. Like I said, it’s great and I love it.

This past Sunday, we had an extra special date night. We dressed up, took pictures before we left (yes- this was Prom like) and went out for a very nice steak dinner. We had wonderful food, were seated at table that we could people watch and most of all we laughed and enjoyed each others company. It was wonderful! I know that things will change once our son comes but I know that we will never take for granted the time that we get to spend together. I love you dear…

traditional and typical…

We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much family, especially during the holidays. Here are a few of the traditional Christmas tree pictures from this year…
Jamie’s side of the family…

setting-up for our annual picture

Annual Christmas Tree Picture
not the best but it will do for this year- next year will be better, promise

If you know my brother, you know that the following picture is pretty darn typical. I am not sure that it is possible for him to take serious pictures… ever

Frost, really?

There was frost on my car this morning even after the sun had come up, yup, you heard correctly- frost. Not that I actually had to scrape it off and drive anywhere this frigid morning but my dear hubby did and for this I felt bad. I live in Florida folks and although I have been complaining about it being too hot for say the last 9 months (give or take) this is ridiculous! I would understand if I was in Canada- it’s a given there or even if I was in Hattiesburg- it’s further up North and it snows there every once in a while but we are in Florida where we have palm trees, beaches and the sun always shines. I, me my pregnant self and I, have had the heat on in the house the last few days, have been wearing numerous layers of clothing including socks and slippers and have been consuming warm beverages- what does this tell you? It tells you that with my size right now I probably resemble the Michelin Man and that baby it’s cold outside…

Christmas Tree hunting

Since I am about to take down all of my Christmas decorations (it’s on the list for this week) which means giving the old “heave ho” to the tree I thought that I should post some of the pictures that we took while getting it and putting it up. It was SUCH a great day, I had so much fun spending it with Jamie.

and the winner is…

this one!

both of us with our tree :-)
We pick up three trees (at least) every year and deliver them to various family members including my in-laws. This was our stop at their house to trim all of the trees and drop theirs off.

Jamie’s Dad- scary Chainsaw Man
lights, camera, action

decorating with ribbon- not a flattering angle but you can kind of see the bump

one of our super cute helpers
last but not least the ornaments and yes my favorite is the tinfoil cup one with Jamie’s young picture on it- I put it front and center at the top of the tree!!

Goodbye 2009, Goodbye Feet…

I blinked and January happened; 2009 in all of it’s glory has passed me by along with the ability to see my feet. Yes, I am sure that this happened a while ago when I was not paying any attention however, just a few days ago I looked down and my toes were gone! I found this terribly amusing when it happened, why I am not really sure…

Honestly though, 2009 has been such a great year and I am sad to see it go. Jamie and I have been blessed in so many ways this past year with the ability to travel, to spend time with dear friends and family and with the little boy that is about to join our family. We are both looking forward to 2010 and everything thing that it will bring :-)
stay tuned for some catch up pictures… I only have a few dozen or so that need to be posted.