puppy flu?

Is there such a thing as the puppy flu? If there is a think that Piper might have caught it; and we may have to not play with strangers for awhile to keep it at bay. Both yesterday and today she has gotten sick to her stomach; poor little girl… I feel so bad for her and the puppy dog eyes don’t help one bit. The clean-up has been challenging to say the least, my stomach is weak when it comes to this to begin with but add pregnancy and I am sure it’s quite a sight. But with patience and a little gagging of my own we are managing…

Two of my most recent favorites of her…

mid scratch but I still love her face in this one- it reminds me of when she was a puppy :-)

Baby Update

Below is the latest baby bump pic, taken yesterday at 22 weeks and a few days. As you can see things are progressing. I looked at Jamie yesterday and said “I think this shirt makes me look really pregnant” he looked at me and said “honey, I think you just look really pregnant. We have now gotten past the point where people are guessing if you are putting on weight or if you are actually pregnant.” Thanks dear husband, I guess this is true but I am sure going to miss my toes when they disappear…

There have been so many new things going on during the second trimester that I don’t know where to begin so here’s a short list of things I have learned thus far…
-Focusing on any one thing is still difficult, not sure that I could handle long term adult ADD very well.
-I am good at nesting and I love it! Things are getting checked off of lists right and left at the Perreault household- yippee!
-I am a klutz normally but pregnancy makes me an ubber-klutz. So far I have only broken two things beyond repair (a bowl and a small glass) but I have tripped and almost fallen over more times than I can count.
-When this kid is hungry, he tells me. You can hear my stomach growl from across the room. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, I am not sure that I have ever consumed this much protein in my life.
-Bending has become more challenging, but it is easier if you make silly groaning noises when you do bend.
-The flood gates can open at anytime for any reason and stop at anytime for any reason.
-It is not the most amazing thing to feel your child move inside of you, it is when you get to see your husband feel it too!

Fall- it’s coming…

Just a fun picture that reminds me of fall, because all posts are better with a picture :-)
This morning, after dragging myself out of bed to help Jamie get off to work (I turned off the alarms- yes there are multiple- so we were running a little behind) I took Piper for a walk. I was still so sleepy that I feared crashing right onto the keyboard if I didn’t get out and get some fresh air.

While I was walking I noticed that the leaves are starting to change and to fall (note: this is not nearly as exciting or beautiful in sunny Florida) BUT it means that fall is coming!! Yippee! This means pulling down the decorations for the house from the attic (Halloween, thanksgiving and then Christmas), apple scented candles and best of all our trip to NC!! We are going on a two week road trip, I can hardly wait- how many sleeps left??

Birthday Milk

I have a confession- I love to check the dates on the milk jugs when I am shopping at Publix and I get really excited when they have an important date on them! Having an important date appear on the milk means that the date is really close and how can you not be excited about that? Yesterday when I ran to the store to grab a few things I practically skipped out of there because I had purchased birthday milk, I am serious it made my day!! Jamie’s birthday is a few weeks away and there was my reminder starring at me on our milk…

My first obsession with this came just a short time before our wedding when I stopped by Publix and the jug had our wedding date on it. I snatched up the milk, skipped home to Jamie and announced that we were getting married and we were getting married soon!! I was so excited, Jamie laughed at me thinking it was silly but took my picture with the milk for posterity’s sake. You should try it sometime, it’ll make your glass so much fuller :-)

it says “Jul 21” I promise

It’s a Boy!!

We have confirmation folks, it’s really and truly a little boy!! Jamie and I have a fisherman on the way! We had a wonderful check-up at the Dr on Monday, sorry for the delay with the update. The ultrasound went really well, all parts are accounted for and looking great! The ultrasound was actually really neat, aside from being able to see the little human that is growing inside of me, the tech pointed out and measured just about every body part imaginable: arms, legs, brain, eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, she even showed us that our little one had liquid in his tummy from swallowing and thus liquid in his bladder (good thing I have been stocking up on diapers- this kid is ready). Like I said it was really neat to see. He was bouncing around for the first part of the ultrasound but towards the end he snuggled in and took a nap. I left there feeling great; our order had been placed correctly- one snuggle buddy that sleeps well is on his way! Jamie thinks that I am crazy, right now I will just call it a Mother’s Love and wishful thinking :-)

Here are a few pictures of our little butter bean, the nursery bedding (yes, we already had it) and a bump picture (for the many that have been asking)…

the confirmation

the first ultrasound that said he was a boy taken at 13 weeks- trust us it looks like a boy

picture of his little face- if you tilt your head to the left you are looking face to face (his arms are crossed below his chin)

the bedding both near and far. It is a modern fish print- so cute!

the bump picture from week 20 (last Saturday)


Jamie and I go back to the Dr tomorrow for our 20 week appointment!! Both of us are really excited to see the little butter bean again and to confirm the sex. Boy or Girl, what’s it going to be?? We have been unofficially told by the ultrasound tech that it is a little boy, there was a penis sighting but that will be confirmed tomorrow and I cannot wait!! I am really, really tired of calling it “it” and well I still kind of feel weird calling it a “he” since the sex hasn’t officially been confirmed. I will be sure to keep you all posted…

Everything else has been going really well and I have been feeling great! I felt the first confirmed “kick”two days ago and realized that I had felt it one other time about a week ago. It was a funny (and embarrassing) story that I am sure Jamie will tell too many people about but I will spare you (and me). I may take this back, when they baby is kickboxing my sides at night, but I want the little bean to move all of the time. It is just so cool.
We have also been hard at work in the baby’s room, putting together a dresser and the crib! I know I am OCD and probably way ahead of the game, but that’s how I like it. It’s also lots of fun to see that room take shape. Here are a few pics, because all posts are better with pics, of the building projects. More to come soon…

the dresser, it’s one million pieces and Jamie’s helpers

almost there, seriously the dresser took forever to put together!

the multiple boxes for the crib and bedding

the crib in progress, with helpers again (note the finished dresser in the background)

me and the baby next to the finished crib