Perreault Baby Pool

Before Jamie and I even realized that we were going to have our very own bundle of joy, we joked about starting a “Baby Pool” when we did get pregnant. Well I am now preggo and we have in fact started a baby pool. Don’t judge, we thought that it would be amusing if we gave people one more reason to be pulling for us (and certain traits, days, times etc.) while waiting for our wonderful bundle of joy to arrive. We sent out the entry form about a month ago now and have been receiving entries since then. Much to my surprise we have received 49 entries! Our winner is not only going to get the joy of knowing our kid but a wad of cash in their pocket- nice!

It has been really fun to see all of the entries come in, especially since we included a category for name. Thank you to everyone that entertained me during my weeks of pseudo bed rest! Some of the names were serious but others were just downright funny. We have posted a website to share all of the entires with you; we know our “poolers” (sorry for the awkward name but I am not sure what to call you since I am a newbie to this process) are anxious to know their current standing. Here’s the link, check it out and enjoy as much as we did!

no words…

Last weekend Jamie and I were in the truck headed probably to Hot Dog Heaven (although I cannot be sure) when a song came on the radio… I pause here because there are no words to describe this song. We were taken back, shocked and I would go as far as appalled after hearing the trio singing loud and proud “she’s rockin’ the beer gut” blah, blah, blah… yada yada. Yup, you read that correctly this song is about the wonders of a women- yes a female- rockin’ a beer gut!! Call me a prude but what?!?!? Since when do songs get written about beer guts and women’s beer guts at that?

Since Saturday this song as become sort of a joke between the dear hubby and I, we are past appalled to amused. Although my ever growing tummy bump has forced a change in lyrics to “she’s rocking the baby gut”. Yup, we do have a sense of humor and I hope that you do as well.
If you would like to waste 3 minutes of your life and have a laugh check out the oh so classy Trailer Choir (yes, I kid you not that is the name of this group) here. One of the members of the group is named Butter, yup the thing located in your fridge! I promise you will not be disappointed, you know you want to check it out. You can hear their music and view their videos on their site and as an extra bonus their music video is the Free on iTunes music video of the week! So hurry and download it before next Tuesday so you can have it for your very own…


Yesterday was wonderful! Jamie had the day off so we were able to enjoy the whole day together; that in itself would have made the day amazing but fortunately the wonderfulness did not stop there!

We had our four month check up in the morning where I was given the all clear from bed rest- woohoo!! I was so excited I skipped to the car, literally! I was told that I could walk and go swimming again. Piper doesn’t know if yet but she will be so excited that she can return to her happy place- check out some of her most recent swim pics here. After our appointment we were able to catch up with Nan and Jeremy for lunch since they were on our side of town. We went to PR’s which is a really, really yummy Mexican restaurant (double yippee that I have my Mexican taste buds back, they had left me for awhile). After lunch Jamie and I were planning on spending the afternoon outside enjoying the weather but it happened to rain most of the day. We enjoyed the rest of the day regardless, tooling around and running a few errands. It was a terrific Tuesday.
Below are some pictures from lunch and then the requested bump pictures. My family up north has been asking to see the bump (which is growing steadily), so here it is…

the boys- Jeremy being a goof

goof, again

caught you smiling!!!

Me and Nan :)

the bump- the first picture is two weeks ago when I was 15 weeks along and the second is from last Saturday when I was 16 weeks

lunch with Grandpa

Every week we get to enjoy a yummy firehouse sub lunch with Jamie’s Grandpa. This has been a long standing “date” with Jamie and Grandpa; I used to only get to indulge when I was home from school on a break but now that I am not teaching it has become a weekly treat! Some weeks we have more than the usual 5 lunch participants (Grandpa, Jamie, Piper, Dolce, Bella and Me) but it is usually just us.

I realized the other day that we don’t have any pictures from this event, so I took a moment to rectify that today. Piper is sitting waiting patiently for her Kong filled with peanut butter (her weekly treat during this lunch), and the kitties are waiting for their treat from Grandpa. All get spoiled at lunch…

definition of friendship

As we grow-up our definition of friendship changes; when we are young it may be the person who shares the tire-swing with you, in high school it is the person that complains with you when some stupid boy hurts you. At my age, a new category of true friendship can be added. A super-duper friend is one that hands over a stack of stretchy top pants and other assorted maternity clothes when the things in your closet are starting to not fit and you are feeling large. Yup, you know it is true friendship when the ever expanding pants are passed on to you.

My dear, dear friend Nan did just this (and more) on Sunday. We went over to her place for a change of scenery, it is not fun being cooped up in one place- so this was so nice. If Jamie would have let me skip to the car I would have, I was so excited to go to go there and leave our place in the dust. While we were there she fed us- this is huge since Jamie (bless his heart) has not been getting a whole lot of home cooking at our place (10 minutes on your feet at one time limits the menu options), gave me stretchy clothes and entertained us with her adorable son, Leyton. I swear I could watch that kid all day!! He does this almost-crawling-rocking-action thing that is hysterical and well with a face like this who could resist???

smiling at his momma


funny faces

pucker up

wet kisses

denied kisses- sorry Nan I had to post this, it’s so funny
Tuesday, I wore my first pair of maternity bottoms and was comfortable for the first time in weeks. It was glorious and I may have to live in these clothes even after the baby comes. Thanks friend, I love you and the two boys that live with you…