a publix trip + a turtle= rescue mission

This is Turk, the turtle.  We found him in the middle of Aloma (which is a busy street) trying to find his way somewhere.  So Jamie jumped out, and I jumped into the drivers seat and the mission begun…

He rode like this-

until we found his new home- here.

This is Baldwin Park, we found him nice new digs.  We walk here most nights, so we will visit.

He is happy now, it was a successful mission :)


Well, for those of you that don’t know- I flew out this morning to meet Jamie in California.  Neither one of us have been so when Jamie was scheduled to attend a training out here we decided that I would join him the week after when he was done with his class. **warning proud wife bragging**  His class was long and draining but he did pass the test (it was really, REALLY hard) and then he took and passed two more tests without taking classes on them.  He stumped a few of the instructors by how well he did- but you know, he is so smart he could handle it no problem!!

It was a long day of flying so we are going to go to bed shortly (it is only 5:30 here- but 8:30 at home).  The flights were okay, other than the airline moving my flight up 30 minutes and not notifying me.  If you don’t know (Jamie and I learned the hard way flying to Chicago over spring break) you have to check your bags 45 minutes before your plane leaves otherwise they won’t let you check them.  I was there in plenty of time for my original flight but not enough for my “new” departure time.  So I fussed (a rare sight/thing for me) and the guy that was helping me got his manager’s approval to check my bag anyway because it wasn’t my fault that I wasn’t here on time.  I flew as Kristen Westlake, since that is how we booked my flight to begin with (we purchased tickets in January before citizenship changes).  I was told that they would change it at the ticket counter- they didn’t- I just had to show my marriage license every time they checked ID (kind of a pain but I got here).  I did sit next to weird and weirder on the plane to Salt Lake and next to a girl who carried on live lobsters on my way to San Jose, CA- I am not joking here folks the box said “live lobsters”, it had a handle on the top so you could carry it upright and cooking instructions.  I will post pictures soon, as we are moving to a Hotel in San Fransisco tomorrow and this will be our first day of sightseeing.
love to all :)


Jamie left today at 5pm for a week in Newark, California (near San Fransisco).  He is attending a training out there and will be busy from 8am-8pm.  This is the longest he has been away since we have, well, know each other.  Sad, I know.  I really hate when he is gone- I don’t sleep as well, I lock every door in the house, Piper sleeps in the room with me, she doesn’t get her late night walks (we have to go during the day light, which throws me and her off), I don’t get my goodnight kiss and I don’t have any to annoy with all of my random thoughts at night (this is when I do my best thinking).  I know I am sounding pathetic but really you should have seen me at the airport this afternoon pouting with the best of them.

It is a good thing that this week is so busy for me and that I am looking forward to joining him on Saturday.  But cross your fingers and probably your toes for me that this week goes quickly and that I do get some sleep…

A pic of my hubby taken last March in Chicago.

A two bath day

Jamie and I were played today, by whom you may ask?  Well, none other than our four legged lovable puppy- yup that’s right, Piper.  She has been pretty itchy lately so we have bathed her more frequently to try and get the itching to stop.  So, today (even though it was raining) we bathed her- yup nice parents.  It was against my better judgement, because who bathes a water dog when it’s raining?  But we did, and we even gave her a treat after she was through since she was so good for us.  Well tonight on our walk she took off into the ditch and yup right into a small pond- hence, bath number 2.  So she got to play in the water (in the “pond” and from the hose) was cleaned twice, got a treat and is now- as we speak- on her mat in our room (even though she doesn’t normally sleep with us).  Life’s tough I suppose…

And because any post is better with a picture, here are a few of the princess from another day taking a bath and playing in the water…

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mom’s Day to all!!!  Jamie and I had a great weekend filled with a little bit of R&R and more importantly family time.  We started celebrating Mother’s Day early yesterday by seeing Jamie’s Mom, her sisters and his Grandma.  We have been very sneaky and hiding some cousin pictures that we took (all 7 of the cousins were in town over Christmas) and were finally able to give them out yesterday.  I think it was a huge hit!  We got a little bit of “us” time Saturday afternoon which will be much appreciated with this upcoming crazy week and then we got to see both of our Mom’s (along with George, my brother- Scott and his wife Frannie) again today.  It was great!  Here are a few pictures from the weekend, I didn’t take any at my Mom’s house with Scott and Frannie- it don’t know why I had the camera with me.  Oh well, enjoy what I have.

(Left to Right)- Aunt Holly, Grandma, Aunt Nancy, Mary Sue

Jamie and his Mama after brunch today