I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading tonight. I was away for the weekend with 8 wonderful teenagers (I can say that when they are not mine) at a SGA state convention, so I haven’t had much time to read.  I read multiple blogs, 60 plus, so it can take awhile to catch up-I know it’s crazy!  But most of them are photography blogs so I am able to claim that I am “working” while taking in all of the wonderful pictures.  While reading tonight I came across the same theme multiple times, and that was “life is good” and man o’ man, is it!

I had a good day at school (not great but definitely not terrible), I got to catch up with my bestest friend on the way home from work- man do I miss her, I received an email from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in years, had a wonderful dinner with my husband outside on the porch (it is soooo pretty outside right now), fell asleep reading next to my husband in the hammock- bliss, pure bliss, and then finished my day off walking with two of my favorite people- the two and four legged kind.  As you can see there is nothing that could have made my day any better. I hope that you all had a wonderful day and that sometime soon you are able to take a step back and realize just how blessed you are, I know that I have today.
I will leave you with a few pictures that I have taken lately that make me smile but I haven’t yet had the time to post them. Enjoy…

Me and my wonderful co-sponsor and teacher friend- Gaby this weekend at the convention before we threw ourselves at a velcro wall

Goofy Piper- she’ll do anything for a treat
Me and my fab father-in-law at the shrimp boil- my favorite pic from the whole day!
Like I said- bliss, pure bliss

Guess who’s two?

PIPER!!!  I don’t have kids yet so I am allowed to be crazy about our furry kids!  That being said Piper is two today- yippee!!  We have loved every minute that she has been in our home.  I was really crazy before we got her and got to know the breeder before she was even born.  So when she was born (I practically did Cartwheels) I got to see weekly updates in the form of pictures- what could be better than tiny puppy pictures?  I still have all of those pictures, like I said I am crazy (but not super crazy like some people).  I was so excited the day that she was born and the day that we finally got to bring her home.  I will leave you with some “birthday” pictures that we took in the front yard before the sun went down.  She had a really good but busy day, aside from hurting her eye- which was an accident.  Go figure, the kid goes and gets herself hurt (noticeably hurt I might add) before Mom wants to take her birthday picture.  I don’t think that she could get any closer to real kid by doing that…

the “Mom, do I really have to do this?” look 

so pitiful and cute

easter card

I received an Easter Card in the mail today from my Grandma and Auntie Deb, have I ever mentioned that I really enjoy mail?  If not- I do, so it was really exciting to get it.  But the best part was that they put stickers in it for me, and not just any stickers- sparkly PUFFY stickers.  It has been ages since I have seen a puffy sticker much less received one and especially not in mail.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  I really miss them and wish they weren’t so far away.

Picture of the puffy stickers and card- it should make you smile too!


Last Friday Jamie and I got the pleasure of watching Leyton while Nan and Jeremy attended a friends wedding.  It took us a while to get used to each other, and for Jamie and I to realize that when they said he likes to move all the time that they really meant ALL of the time!  We had fun hanging out with Leyton, taking him for walks in the pouch/ jumper thing (which he crashed in- twice), and introducing him to Piper.  I have been meaning to post these pictures but things have been crazy.  

Either way here they are, enjoy…

Fancy Family Shot- ooh la la…

Snoozing or shall I say crashed- take a look at those smoochy lips!

Traveling in style- that thing was surprisingly easy to wear

too precious- baby giggles


Leyton’s visit with Piper. His parents may not let him come over after this but I am going to risk- he LOVED watching Piper!

Bean there done that…

Late Wednesday night Jamie and I returned from a much needed vacation in Chicago. We had bizarre weather (sunshine, snow, wind, rain- the works), enjoyed the company of dear friends, enjoyed great food and well just plain relaxed- it was amazing!! We enjoyed all every minute of our trip and were envious of all of the culture and the sites that you get to see in Chicago- Orlando is really lacking. We even enjoyed the 6 inches of snow that we got- you can enjoy it when you don’t live in it. Enjoy the pictures, some of which are self portraits- the product of a vacation with just the two of us.

View of Lake Michigan from Aimee and Marc’s apartment

View down Michigan Avenue

Aimee and Marc enjoying a Chicago Hot Dog lunch with us

Nighttime view of Chicago from the Hancock Tower

At Navy Pier

SNOW!!!  6 inches on Sunday

The Bean- my favorite site in all of Chicago!!!  A huge mirrored bean in the middle of Millennium Park.  It was a great place to people watch and made for great pictures of the city.

Me and Jamie at the Bean

New, warm, pink (shock) hat- for snow, wind etc.

The Bean again

Chicago Deep dish, Jamie ate 4 slices of a large on his own

Me and Father Scott outside of the Mercy Home where he works- an amazing organization that fosters really needy (deserving) kids

Beautiful background, beautiful day, handsome husband

At the Field Museum to view the Pirates exhibit

Saying goodbye to Chicago and of course the bean :)