It died- so sad

My computer slowed down to a crawl at the end of the week and well finally gave in and died on Friday.  This is soooooooooo sad, and I don’t know what to do with myself.  It really is crazy how dependent I have become on it.  It reported a “fatal error” regarding the hard drive and even though my husband is a computer genius we may not be able to get my address book or my music off of the machine- poo!  The best news is that it is still under warranty, so it won’t cost anything other than time and aggravation.

I will keep you posted (I am using my hubbies computer until mine is fixed- he is so sweet to share).  Keep your fingers crossed for my music, I am still harboring hope.


I came home from school today and well, for lack of a better word, CRASHED!  I came in, nodded at Jamie, went directly to the bedroom and crawled into bed.  I have had a headache all day that I cannot shake and sleeping seemed like the best way to endure it.  I was out (completely out) until sometime after 8pm and after publishing this I am going to head back to bed.  I am sure that I looked something like the below pictures- out to the world.  

I have been wanting to post these pictures of Piper (but things keep coming up) and thought what better day than today.  Piper can frequently be found snoring logs on her mat.  It is really hard to get these photos because her mat is located at my feet, below the computer desk, so when I move to get the camera so does she.  So ignore the cords, enjoy the pics and sleep tight…

So delicate and lady-like

Happy Shrove Tuesday to Ya

Jamie and I finished up the dishes from a Shrove Tuesday dinner, or Pancake Tuesday Supper.  Growing up in Canada we would always have pancakes on the day before Ash Wednesday, usually in the form of a huge Pancake dinner at the church.  Celebrating Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday is an Irish/English tradition that started because pancakes use up a lot of sweet/ rich foods before lent begins.  I have never been particularly fond of pancakes, they are a little too soft for my tastes, so Jamie doesn’t get them (or any other sweet breakfast food for that matter) very often and after taking a look at all of the dishes we had to do he may not get them again until next year.


Actually one thing can in fact top the door greeting, body wiggling puppy love and that is a husband.  Especially one that comes home from the office (yes that is unusual, he generally works from home), makes supper (I have a headache and didn’t feel like cooking), helps with the dishes, takes the dog for a walk, helps paste together two pictures into a one for me to use tomorrow at school and says how grateful he is to spend time with me.

Now that’s love and nothing can top it…

Now That’s Love

How can you not love this face?  EVERYDAY when I get home I am greeted by this face and wiggling body, her tail is wagging so hard that her whole body wiggles.  It’s very cute and puts a smile on my face regardless of the day that I have had. Piper is always excited to see me, regardless of how long I (or we) have left her.  She all but attacks me when I walk in the door, I mean she gives you an all out WELCOME HOME!  After we say hello (me petting and rubbing her belly) she follows me around the house while I put things away and do whatever needs to be done.  After I am finished with that and I sit at the computer to check my email or read blogs she sits on my feet- yup on my feet.  She is great company and a wonderful foot warmer.

Yup puppies are great, but she is the greatest.  Nothing can beat this love…

Surprise Kisses

A surprised look after kisses from Mommy- this is my favorite pic from the night.

Daddy and his little man

Playing with his Daddy and sitting too- which he doesn’t like too much.
Jamie and I had dinner at Nan and Jeremy’s last night, it was delicious!!  Nan made crab cakes, one of my absolute favorite meals and it was great.  Not only is this woman the Mama for the adorable little guy pictured above but she sure can cook.

I took my camera over to their place yesterday, I generally don’t go over there without it.  Leyton loves my camera and I love taking his picture, it works well for us.  I was even “allowed” to take pictures of Jeremy, who never enjoys smiling for the camera.  I guess parenting really does change you.  We had a great time guys- love you.

Why is it?

Why is it that when you are at the dentists office and have every possible instrument in your mouth plus their hands- they want to strike up a conversation with you?  I mean come on people, like I really want to chat while I am guaranteed to drool on myself.  I think that this should be added to the list of great things to ponder, I mean why not chat when I am just sitting in the chair?


For those of you that have not been keeping up with this, I have been married for 2 1/2 years but have not been able to change my name yet.  By the way, I honestly wanted to change my name and was really excited about it.  However, I was a Canadian citizen and had a greencard which made this whole process a whole lot more difficult.

Flash back to August 2006 with me, I was a new blushing bride with all of my paperwork put together, ready to go as I took the trip down town to the social security office. I was going to change my social and then get my new drivers license- no big deal right? WRONG! I was informed, after waiting for a few hours and sitting next to some very sketchy people (the Social Security office is full of random and scary people but that is a whole other post), that I would not be able to change my name until I changed it on my greencard. Okay, not the answer I wanted and a little frustrating but I was still thinking that it would happen soon.  Wrong yet again.  In order to change your name on you greencard you have to reapply for a new greencard, not just renew your existing card.  Reapplying for a greencard means that there is a possibility that they won’t let you stay in the US.  Yippee, I just got married but if I wanted to change my name I had the possibility of being kicked out of the country.  Woohoo, just what I wanted.
What a pickle I was in, I wanted to take my husband’s name but I didn’t want to (possibly) be told that I wouldn’t be able to stay in the US.  Being asked (forced) to leave would be a long shot- but I am a worrier, what can I say.  So Jamie (my wonderful husband) and I spoke with a lawyer and started looking into Citizenship.  Now comes the easy part, right?  WRONG again…
The paperwork was a pain and it took me 1 1/2 years to complete it to the point that I was comfortable turning it in.  In brief, they wanted to know every time that I had been out of the United States since I moved here, with the exact dates and everything.  Well come on people I was 11 when we moved, give me a break!!  I don’t remember the exact dates of the two or three trips that my family took back to Canada each year since I moved here, I sometimes don’t remember what I had for lunch that day much less trivia from 15 years ago.  Eventually, after worrying about it for a while I completed it to the best of my ability, crossed my fingers, and mailed the application.
Fast forward to last Friday with me now, when I was sworn in as a US citizen.  Yup, a bunch of paperwork, fingerprints, photos, $700, a ridiculous interview, one ceremony and a whole lot of waiting later, it’s official!  I am a US citizen and I have the certificate to prove it.  However, I can’t take a picture of it; I’m not allowed to but if you stop by you can see it if you want.  You other, born in the US citizens should be jealous, you didn’t get a fancy certificate- but I did.
The long and the short of it is that I am officially a Perreault now- woohoo.  I may not be a blushing bride anymore but I am very excited to be legitimate.  Now I have to go through the long process of changing my name on every piece of official/legal paperwork that I have, applying for a new passport and once again sit in the social security office.