Feel the Love

I know that it is not yet Valentine’s Day; but, I wanted an excuse to post one of my favorite pictures of our kids.  Piper and Dolce for the most part tolerate each other, actually Piper LOVES Dolce and he tolerates Piper .  However, there is a rare occasion that they are really sweet to each other- like this time when they were sharing Piper’s mat.  So sweet…

Favorite Christmas Pictures

I know that I am way behind in posting these but they are really cute and I wanted to share. I hope that everyone is enjoying the new year!!

I think that this pic is too cute, all of the “kids” were all hanging out in front of the Christmas tree with Dad.

Our family picture by the Christmas tree, we decided to include the whole family this year but we aren’t sure that Bella and Dolce thought that it was a good idea.

Cute one of Jamie and me at the Vickers family sing-along

My absolute favorite Christmas picture from this year!!!  Sean (Jamie’s cousin by marriage) deserves all of the props on this one.