Traveling Piper Style

I haven’t gone through all of my Christmas pictures yet, so I am going to post a little out of order. I know it’s unusual for me and it makes my OCD flair up a little bit however, these pictures of Piper are so funny that I couldn’t wait to share them.

We were on our way down to Terra Ceia last Friday night, where Jamie’s family owns a house on the bay, and Piper came along for the ride. She loves to ride in the car, primarily because she knows that when she gets to go in the car there is fun to be had. While we are driving she sticks her head out of the window, takes in all of the new and interesting smells and when that gets old or the car is moving too fast she falls asleep on the back seat of the car. Man, the life of a dog!
Below are a few pictures from the ride, the last being my favorite. Even though we were going down the interstate Piper had to stick her head out of the window every few minutes, and when she did her eyelids would “flap” in the wind and her lips go crazy. It was very amusing for Jamie, me and everyone that would drive by and see her.

Crashed on the backseat with her make-shift pillow

Piper wearing her seat belt, she doesn’t travel without it :)

“Why did you disturb me?” look- I know it’s a little fuzzy but still cute in my opinion.

“Smiling” at all of the people driving by

Happy Birthday Nan!!

One from my wedding on July 21, 2006

One from her wedding day, April 29 2006

Blast from the past in “panhell”

The Bridesmaids Breakfast April 29, 2006 

Nan is 26 today!! She is one of the most wonderful people that I have ever known and I am blessed to have her in my life.  I got to talk to her for a few minutes today while her little baby boy was napping.  I am going to go and visit the two of them sometime this week, and I cannot wait.  The pictures that I am posting are a little old, sorry Nan- I am down south and my full library of images was left at home.  Hopefully you will enjoy my blast from the past, in addition to enjoying your day.


Woohoo!!  Free at last!!  Yesterday was my last day of school before the Christmas holidays and I am sooooo excited.  I am off until the second week in January and am really looking forward to being able to spend some time with family and my husband.  Man, is it great to be a teacher at times like these.  Just thought that I would share my joy- sending happiness to all of you.

New Babies

Well I have two new babies to announce… one more adorable than the other.  First and most importantly, is Leyton the most beautiful baby there is!  Nan and Jeremy were able to welcome their first son into the world Friday evening.  I have absolutely loved meeting him and being able to cuddle with him- if you ever want a night out Nan, you know the number to call.

The other baby is my photography business.  Yes, I have finally (somewhat) made it official.  After years and years of talking about it and claiming that “when I grow up, I want to be a photographer” I finally have done it- I guess I am a grown up now.  Check out my new site if you get a chance- there is a blog there too if you want something else to read.  I think that it looks great, but I am partial.  Thank you to Nan, for her wonderful graphics work and to my amazingly talent (and geeky) husband for putting it all together.

He’s on his way..

My best friend went to the hospital tonight with her wonderful husband to have her baby, Andrew Leyton Knight (they will call him Leyton).  I am so excited!!!  They weren’t sure when they were going to go to the hospital, they are inducing her, so I called her almost every hour to ask if she had gone yet.  I know that she would have called to let me know that they were on their way but I just couldn’t stand around and wait- imagine how they felt.  I cannot wait to meet him and to be an Auntie (I know it’s only fake, but I will be the best fake Aunt around).

I love him already… I will post some pictures of this precious little one as soon as I am allowed to (I will let the proud parents do it first).

It has been a while

I know that it has been a while since I have blogged last, and I am sorry.  However, to sound trite we have been swamped!  We visited Jamie’s family in Raleigh, NC for the week of Thanksgiving and have been pretty busy since we got home.  Not only was there unpacking to do but a lot of catching up to do too (you know, from not doing anything for a week) not to mention getting ready for the holidays.  Thanksgiving was great, I got to photograph some beautiful homes that Jamie’s Aunt Renee has decorated and I helped her build a new website (I must say it looks pretty good- I love Mac).  We also got to spend time with the family, Aunt Renee, Uncle Taylor, Jordan (who came home from UNC for the holidays), Lauren, Lee, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Jennifer, Ellie (Jamie’s precious youngest niece- all though this won’t last long; they have another one on the way) and of course Memere (Jamie’s Grandma).  It was so much fun and really nice to be with family.  Enjoy the pictures of our trip below.

On another note, I did put all of our inside Christmas decorations up today and Jamie and I started to put up our Christmas tree, but it got too late to finish.  I will post a picture when it is done.  I must say, I love this time of year!!!!!!!!!
That’s all for now, more later…

Lauren, Lee, Jordan (Left to Right)

Jennifer, Ellie, Charlie

Ellie and Cosmo (their really cute dog)

Ellie with her turkey hat- it was too funny!!

Ellie with the best part of the meal… dessert!