Happy Birthday Jeremy!

A flash back from our college days- out in front of the dorm

Anxiously counting down the minutes until he got to marry his beautiful bride

Hiding from the camera

Yup, he always looks at her that way (that’s his lovely wife by the way)

My dear friend Jeremy is another year older today- woohoo for birthdays!  Jeremy and I met in college at USM, he was a big brother for KD and was always hanging out in the halls- man were those the good old days.  Really and truly Jeremy is one of the greatest guys I know.  He loves his job and is amazing at it, has the ability to make everyone important, gives great bear hugs and loves his ever growing family- by the way his wife is amazing too, but I am partial.  I hope you have a wonderful day!


Two Cars!

The before picture of the bathroom.

A during picture.

Another during picture.  We were so excited because the wallpaper was coming off so easily, which did not happen in any of the other wallpapered rooms in the house.  What we didn’t realize was that the glue wasn’t going to come off without a fight.

The finished, guest friendly- the door is on too, product!

Yup, those are pictures of a garage that is home to two parked cars and  a completed guest bathroom.  As some of you know, Jamie and I have a long list of things to do around the house, which included finishing the guest bath and cleaning out the garage (two of our large items to check off).  It is a wish list of sorts; you know, I wish we could do that or more realistically I wish we had time to finish that.  So, checking off these two items from the list made me do a little happy dance, no there are not pictures of that.  I do wish that I would have taken more pictures of the stages that the bathroom went through; it would help to accurately show how big of a pain this little room was and how different it looked during each stage really.

Below are some fun pictures of the other family members enjoying the newly finished bathroom.

Piper in the tub at the new house, she keeps jumping in and out of the tub; she loved the tub at the old house and I think she missed it. 

Couldn’t resist the opportunity to post cute baby Piper pictures.  We would find her sound asleep in the tub often.

Piper and Daddy in the tub.

Dolce, he is so innocent looking isn’t he?

A Weary Traveler

Jamie and I made our last summer trip this past weekend up to Tallahassee to attend a college friend of Jamie’s wedding. We also added a detour on the way home to visit Memere and Aunt Odette in Jax. It was great to celebrate with our friends and to see our family however; I am over the novelty of travel. Two and a half weeks is the longest period of time that we have been at home during this summer. And let me tell you, 2 1/2 weeks is just long enough to enjoy your bed, feel like you might actually get caught up on everything at the house (but you don’t), throw in a little work and then pack again. My head is spinning literally, and my summer was officially over on Monday. I keep looking around our house and twitching when I see all of the unfinished projects that surround me. However, that is another post.

On Saturday, Jamie and I got up really early and hopped in the car to head up to Tally; we left in plenty of time to make the 2:30 wedding after cleaning up at the hotel when we got into town. The roads were great and we arrived two hours before the wedding. Sounds great doesn’t it? Not the reality, due to the poor service at the LaQuinta in Tallahassee. We rolled into their parking lot at 12:30, two hours before we needed to be at the wedding, and went up to the front desk (which we called the day before to verify the 1:00 or before check-in time) and were told that we couldn’t get in until 3. 3?!?! The wedding was at 2:30! Surely the woman would understand our predicament and see what she could do for us. However, the lady at the front counter was being a beast! She made no effort to help us despite the fact that we had seen rooms that were cleaned while we were waiting in the parking lot trying to figure out this mess. I think she may be bitter for never having attended a wedding herself, I mean one must have to have friends to be invited in the first place.

So let me paint the picture for you, the two of us were standing in the hotel parking lot in our gym clothes (during FSU & FAMU graduation weekend, i.e. there were no last minute hotels to be heard of), me with my hair piled on my head in desperate need of a shower and somewhere to change, with no hotel room and well no one that we could think of to call. Crap was the only thing that I could say before visions of “showering” in a gas station bathroom filed my head. Needless to say, Jamie didn’t immediately go to the same place as I did (that’s why I love him) and thought to call a colleague of his that lives in Tallahassee (the only other person we know in the city that wasn’t the bride or groom and isn’t home for the summer). Ed (Jamie’s colleague) lives 8 miles outside of town, which was not too close to where we were or to the wedding, but they had a shower that we could use and they were home- I was sold. So, we jumped into the truck headed over there at a safe lightening speed and took what was the fastest showers imaginable only to be late to the ceremony. Side note: do you know how terrible it feels to arrive a few minutes late a wedding? Well it is horrible, and I won’t ever criticize late wedding guests again.

Moral of the story, don’t ever think that traveling to an out of town wedding the day of and having plenty of time to change when you get there is a good idea. Also, never, never ever book a night at the LaQuinta. On another side note, the wedding was beautiful! I attached a few pictures for you all to enjoy.

Here is a link to all of the pictures that Jamie and I took, if you are interested. 


Progress was made!

Progress was made today on the bathroom!  I finally got to the home depot last week to pick up a paint stirrer, so that I could mix up the primer that needed to be put on the bathroom walls.   And drum roll please… this afternoon I finally put the first coat of primer on the walls.  Our guest bath has been sitting unfinished since we moved into the house, yup for the past four months it has been sitting there unable to be used.  There hasn’t really been a push for finishing it because I was going to have a ton of time over the summer and well because we didn’t need it. However, I only have few days left of freedom before school starts and the list of things that we won’t get done this summer almost seems to be getting longer.  Oh well, I guess I will get to it after Homecoming, my after October before the holidays list is already growing.  Is there ever an end?  I will leave with a happy thought, progress has been made :)

Finally a Mullet Manor Trip

Jamie and I finally made it down to Mullet Manor this past weekend, to the house Jamie’s Grandpa owns near St. Pete on Terra Ceia Island.  We have been trying to get down here for the whole summer but just haven’t been able to; life just kept getting in the way.  We came down Saturday after cleaning out the garage, which is a huge accomplishment by the way.  We moved into the house in April, during spring break to be exact, and have yet to be able to use the whole garage for parking.  The garage was acting as home to everything that had not yet found it’s place in our home.  When we return from the trip I do believe that we will be able to park both cars in the garage- woohoo.  I tell you the things that you get excited about when you are old (yes, I am old- I passed into the late 20’s last week) are really different from things that used to excite me.  Who knew that new vacuums, and clean garages could be so fun?

The trip has been fun.  I spent most of the day yesterday reading and catching up on some Internet surfing, blog reading, etc.  I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia right now.  I had some trouble getting started with the book and even though I am mostly through her journey in Italy, I am still not sure about it.  We’ll see.
Yesterday afternoon, Jamie, George and I took George’s boat out for some big time fishing.  We all caught something, although nothing was big enough to keep.  I, unlike the boys in the boat, consider a fishing trip to be successful if you can bring home supper.  I guess this is just further proof that there are many differences between men and women.  It was fun and I enjoyed our time on the water.  I caught a big puffer fish, although I don’t know if that is his technical name or not- but they are the big puffy fish with the spikes, by the eyeball.  Yup, you read that right, I drug him in by the eyeball.  No this is not my usual method of fishing but he either didn’t want the shrimp that was on the hook or maybe it was gone by the time it got to him and he just got in the way; I am not really sure.  But it looked like it hurt, I really do hope that he is okay.
Well I am supposed to be using this time to be productive so I should go and try to do some work, this is my last week of freedom.  Man did the summer fly by.