Oct 162014

my three sons

Almost the same place in the yard, almost exactly 6 months apart and completely unplanned just like this set of photos... So much fun to compare the two ;)

Charlie, Luc and Jay

Luc, Charlie, Jay

Luc, Charlie, Jay

**I know that they are all very similar photos but I couldn’t pick just one to share.**

    Oct 112014

    preschool happenings

    So this post is ridiculously late. For posterity’s sake let’s just pretend that I have my act together and that this was posted in August when it should have been ;)

    Both Jay and Charlie started preschool last week. Jay on Monday, going 4 days (9-12pm) a week and Charlie on Tuesday going 2 days (9-12pm) a week. We met their teachers the week before and they have been so excited about going since!! Both of the boys had fabulous first days and we couldn’t ask for better teachers or a better school!! I am continually grateful that we chose to send our boys to MSEE; there isn’t a better place for them to be!!

    Photos from meet the teacher

    Jay’s Teachers- Mrs. Hosler and Mrs. Pastore (Charlie joined in for the photo) Jay’s face in this photo pretty much sums up how he feels about school. He loves it SO much! He can’t wait to get out of the house in the morning to go and he talks about it all afternoon when we get home.

    Jay's meet the teacher

    Charlie’s Teachers- Mrs. Coutant and Mrs. Stimmel

    Charlie's meet the teacher

    First Day Photos-

    Jay- first day of PK4

    Charlie- first day 2 day 2's

    Charlie's first day

    Charlie asked me on the way in to school today if I was going to stay with him and when I told him I wasn’t he looked at me and said “Oh Gosh!”. However, when I was dropping him off in his classroom he looked at Mrs. Stimmel after hugging me goodbye and said “I didn’t want Mommy to walk me in”. Needless to say, Charlie had no “first day jitters” to overcome! And in case you were curious, neither did Jay. He walked right in and had to be reminded to say goodbye to me! I love that they love school!

    The boys asked me to take this one when we got to school on Charlie’s first day. Sweet brothers ;)

    brothers at school

      Oct 092014

      gadget kid

      Seriously, melt me sweet boy, melt me…

      Charlie and his watch

        Oct 082014

        a little helping hand

        A big brother sure is a wonderful thing to have ;)

        teeth brushing

        helping hand

        helping hand

        Jay and Luc

          Oct 072014


          Lately, Jay and Charlie play really well together aside from when they are clotheslining each other or screaming that the other one “touched them!!” Which for sanities sake I have to believe is normal otherwise padded rooms here I come. Sorry I have sidetracked… Jay and Charlie play well, they enjoy each other’s company and they come up with fun and often times hilarious games together. The other day Jay excitedly announced from the other room that Charlie was his trailer. I didn’t fully understand what he meant until they came around the corner and this is what we saw… And while this may only be ridiculously funny to me and Jamie I thought I would share anyway. Enjoy!

          Charlie the Trailer.

          p.s That is a “yeehaw” that you hear from Charlie towards the end of the video.

          Also, as an added bonus three dancing boys… Seriously the rhythm here is astounding and yes pants are always optional!

          Dancing Boys.

            Oct 072014

            happy birthday my love

            Happiest of Birthdays my love! We sure are lucky to have you :)

            Jamie and Kristen

            Jamie playing in the fort

            Jamie and the boys canoeing

            Daddy and his boys

            Jamie and Jay playing with lego

            Jay and Jamie jumping

            Charlie and Jamie

            Daddy and his boys at the beach

            Mommy, Daddy and Luc

            Jamie and his big boys

            Jamie and most of our crew

            Jamie and Luc reading together

              Oct 012014

              big brothers

              Different day, different older brother, same kind of love…

              Jay and Luc

              Charlie and Luc