Apr 272015

big pile of love

pile of love

    Apr 142015


    I can be some what of an ADD crafter. I enjoy painting (furniture/canvas/paper/peg dolls), drawing, hand lettering etc. You name a craft and I have probably done it and enjoyed it. I usually skip around doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that all of the time. However, I certainly have been bitten by the quilting bug lately. I day dream about fabric and patterns, I have been fitting in sewing whenever I can and I am having so much fun with it. Lately, my biggest crafting problem is not knowing what quilting project I want to work on next- they all look like so much fun! I finished my first queen sized quilt and while it certainly isn’t perfect, I really do love it. We have it on our bed right now and it makes me happy every time I see it.

    I really do need to get better at photographing quilts, still objects aren’t prevalent around our home so I don’t have much practice, but here are a few so you can check it out ;)

    Niner Quilt

    Niner Quilt

    on the bed

    a close up

      Mar 262015

      a little bit of random

      We play with dress up clothing quite a bit around here. I am not exactly sure what they were doing/being in these photos, either way they crack me up!

      a little bit of dress up

      a little bit of dress up

      silly Charlie

        Mar 242015


        Jay has enjoyed coloring for a while now. Often when things get quiet you can find him at the table, markers everywhere going though a stack of paper. Just recently, Luc has taken an interest in coloring as well. On this particular day Luc started coloring and Jay simply (and mostly without words) just joined him at the table and they colored together.




        coloring together

          Mar 232015


          It looks as though we might have another car-lovin’ kiddo on our hands!

          Luc and cars

          Cars and sweet smiles

          Luc and cars


          cars and toes!!

          When he finished with the cars he moved right on to books :)
          Luc reading

            Mar 172015

            post nap sweetness

            Luc was extra cute and extra snuggly one day after naps and it just so happened that I had my camera in our room and got a few photos. I love this kiddo to pieces.


            little fingers clenching his blanket

            sweet boy

            sweet sleepy boy


            LOVE this one ;)

              Mar 022015

              stories and snuggles

              More stories and snuggles.

              Charlie reading Peter Pan